HBO Max's Green Lantern Receives Promising Filming Update

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Green Lantern, HBO Max

Over the past few years in the DC Universe, there hasn't been much in terms of storytelling for one of the Justice League's most iconic members - the Green Lantern. The only action that any Lantern has seen recently was through a short cameo in last year's Zack Snyder's Justice League, although that's set to change thanks to the upcoming Green Lantern Corps series in development for HBO Max.

Although the series was announced well over a year ago, Green Lantern Corps has largely flown under the radar with only a couple of big announcements for some of its on and off-screen personnel. Finn Wittrock will bring the Guy Gardner version of the character to life in the leading role, and The Direct exclusively revealed that Lee Toland Kreiger will sit in the director's chair for the series' first episode.

What isn't known yet is any sort of timeframe for when fans can expect to see Green Lantern Corps on HBO Max with no filming updates and no date set for its streaming premiere. Thankfully, the latest update surrounding the series has indicated when fans should be on the lookout for those early bits of news.

Filming Timeframe for Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern, HBO Max

Backstage revealed that filming for the upcoming Green Lantern Corps series is set to begin filming later this year in Los Angeles, California, ahead of its release on HBO Max. No other specific details were offered about the timeframe for production or when it will begin streaming, though the report did state that the HBO Max series is now in the process of casting "additional roles."

Filming Imminent for Green Lantern Return

Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps have largely lived on the sidelines for the DC Universe, especially in terms of live-action movies and TV series over the 21st century. While it isn't a ton of information to go on, the end of 2022 should bring some more developments on the group's return to mainstream media.

Looking at how far away the series is from beginning its production schedule, there is still plenty of work for Warner Bros. and the team at HBO Max to do before the cameras start rolling and the story begins coming to life. The most recent casting announcement teased a new version of Sinestro coming into play for the series, although there will have to be plenty of other actors cast before anything goes too much further.

Should filming start during this timeframe, it will likely continue through the better part of 2023 depending on how much material is included in the series. That means that Green Lantern Corps almost certainly won't release until late 2023 or early 2024, although it will be one that fans pay close attention to as it goes further into development. 

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