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Here's when Episode 5 of Amazon Prime Video's Hazbin Hotel will be released along with the rest of the Season 1 schedule.

The demonic animated musical premiered on Amazon Prime Video with its first four episodes on January 18, introducing viewers to Charlie Morningstar, the princess of Hell, as she sets out to open a rehabilitation hotel in the afterlife.

When Will Hazbin Hotel Episode 5 Release?

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Hazbin Hotel Episodes 5 and 6 will both premiere on Amazon Prime Video on Thursday, January 25 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. 

Hazbin Hotel will then wrap up its eight-episode first season on Thursday, February 1 with the final two chapters.

But fans of Hazbin Hotel need not fear, as Amazon confirmed the show's Season 2 renewal alongside the series announcement teaser in September 2023.

Episode 5 will be titled "Dad Beat Dead" with Episode 6 called "Welcome to Heaven," as confirmed last year in a U.S. copyright listing - via Reddit.

The release schedule for the remaining episodes can be seen below:

  • Episode 5: Thursday, January 25
  • Episode 6: Thursday, January 25
  • Episode 7: Thursday, February 1
  • Episode 8: Thursday, February 1

What Will Happen in Hazbin Hotel Episode 5?

The official synopsis for Hazbin Hotel Episode 5, "Dad Beat Dad," confirms it will focus closely on the relationship between Charlie and her father Lucifer, better known as the Devil. It appears Lucifer will try to become a more involved parent for Charlie, explaining the title's play on the phrase "deadbeat dad:"

"Charlie's father Lucifer, finally shows interest in her life, and try's ends his old ways of being a deadbeat father."

Turning attention to Episode 6, "Welcome to Heaven," it seems likely it will take place largely on the flip side of the afterlife, marking a first for Hazbin Hotel.

Some have speculated the episode could explore the bureaucracy and running of heaven, perhaps even bringing god into play. 

The first four episodes of Hazbin Hotel are streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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