Hawkeye Reveals New Posters for Kingpin-Related Maya & Kazi

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Kingpin, Maya, Kazi

Hawkeye is already at its midpoint with three episodes, but more surprises are confirmed to arrive in its final run. One of the rumored appearances in the Jeremy Renner-led series is Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin, and the third episode might have already served as the launchpad of his arrival through the debut of Maya Lopez. 

The character, played by Alaqua Cox, is a deaf superhero who has close ties to Kingpin in the pages of Marvel Comics. Hawkeye's latest episode already teased Maya's "uncle," thus planting the seeds of an eventual Kingpin sighting in the coming installments. 

In the meantime, Hawkeye Episode 3 managed to flesh out Echo even more by showcasing her origin story and introducing other characters who are close to her. One of those characters is Fra Fee's Kazi, her brotherly figure in the Tracksuit Mafia. 

The two characters seem poised to be major figures in Hawkeye's future, and a new batch of posters appear to cement that claim.

Echo and Kazi Look Stunning in New Hawkeye Posters

Marvel Studios officially unveiled two new character posters for Hawkeye, showcasing a fresh look at Alaqua Cox's Maya Lopez and Fra Fee's Kazi. 

Echo is ready to seek revenge for the death of her father in this new poster: 

Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez, Hawkeye
Marvel Studios

Kazi prepares for another battle with Echo in this official promotional image:

Fra Fee as Kazi, Hawkeye
Marvel Studios


Echo's Bright MCU Future & Kazi's Uncertain Fate 

The two new posters serve as a fitting reminder of how important Echo and Kazi will be in Hawkeye's narrative moving forward. 

Echo and Kazi are being set up to be major players in whatever Hawkeye's endgame really is, and it may involve Kingpin. From subtle teases to a brief yet sinister chuckle, many would agree that the New York crime lord's appearance is not a matter of if anymore, but when. 

Given the current character poster reveal for Hawkeye, the trajectory suggests that the next Marvel individual that will be introduced could either be Florence Pugh's Yelena Belova or Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk. This could hint that either one of them or both will appear in the fourth episode. 

On a separate note, it's all but certain that Maya Lopez will have a bright future after Hawkeye, especially after Marvel Studios confirmed that a spinoff revolving around the character will premiere on Disney+. However, the same isn't true for her brother, Kazi. 

It remains to be seen if Kazi will survive the events of Hawkeye. If not, then there's a chance that his death could serve as Echo's emotional arc in her spinoff series. 

It's also possible that Kazi could betray Echo, thus setting himself as the main villain of the planned spinoff. This allows an interesting dynamic between the pair, eventually leading to a heartbreaking brother-sister standoff. 

The first three episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+. 

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