New Hawkeye Photos Show Kate Bishop vs. Echo Fight and More Disney+ Action

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Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, Echo

Marvel Studios recently aired its final Disney+ show of the year: Hawkeye. The show stars Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye and Hailee Steinfeld's newcomer Kate Bishop as they work together to clean up a Christmas mess––one that also introduces Alaqua Cox's Echo to the MCU. The show has been received relatively well by both fans and critics, with Steinfeld's Bishop being the consistent favorite.

The first two episodes set the stage for quite the crazy adventure for the two archers and also continues to prove that Clint Barton should stop trying to retire. It simply isn't going to happen.

Now, Marvel Studios released some new official photos from the show. Amongst them includes a brand-new look at what seems to be an intimate showdown between Echo and Kate Bishop.

Kate Bishop vs Echo in Disney+'s Hawkeye

Marvel Studios unveiled nine official photos from its Disney+ series, Hawkeye.

Hawkeye, MCU, Marvel, Echo, Alaqua Cox, Maya Lopez, Kate Bisop, Hailee Steinfeld, Disney+
Marvel Studios

The first image shows what looks to be a confrontation between Alaqua Cox's Echo and Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop in an upcoming episode

Hawkeye, MCU, Marvel, Kate BIshop, Hailee Steinfeld, Ronin
Marvel Studios

Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop, from Hawkeye's opening installment, wore Clint's Ronin outfit from Avengers: Endgame.

Marvel, MCU, Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, Hailee Steinfeld, Ronin
Marvel Studios

Bishop is seen in the Ronin outfit once again after she escaped the auction explosion in the first episode before being found by Clint.

Marvel, MCU, Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, Hailee Steinfeld, Ronin
Marvel Studios

Kate Bishop is seen finding the Ronin outfit that was being bid on by her mother's fiance, Jack, played by Tony Dalton.

Marvel, Hawkeye, MCU, Kazi, Fra Fee
Marvel Studios

Fra Fee's Kazi, a Tracksuit Mafia member, stands disappointed at his failure to catch Kate Bishop.

Marvel, MCU, Hawkeye, Tony Dalton, Jack Duquesne, Swordsman, Vera Farmia, Elanor Bishop
Marvel Studios

Vera Farmiga's Eleanor Bishop and Tony Dalton's Jack Duquesne look worried after the incident at the Gala which set off the events of the Disney+ series.

Hawkeye, MCU, Marvel, Echo, Alaqua Cox, Maya Lopez
Marvel Studios

Alaqua Cox' Maya Lopez, aka Echo, looks as intimidating as ever while basking in the Daredevil-red light.

Marvel, MCU, Hawkeye, Fra Fee, Kazi
Marvel Studios

Kazi watches over Clint and Kate before their interrogation after Bishop gets herself clumsily captured by trying to save Clint.

Marvel, MCU, Kate Bishop, Hailee Steinfeld, Ronin, Lucky the Pizza Dog
Marvel Studios

Steinfeld's Bishop feeds pizza to everyone's favorite dog, Lucky, in her hideaway apartment.

Hawkeye, Bishop, Echo, Oh My!

The introduction of Alaqua Cox's Echo is anticipated by many fans across the world. The character brings an entirely new angle and viewpoint into the MCU and is also a significant part of it going forward.

On Disney+ Day, Marvel Studios officially announced Echo, a new Disney+ series, which is set to see Cox's Maya Lopez seize the starring spotlight.

No one knows what the plot will hold, but there are plenty of rumors. Among them are Vincent D'Onfrio's Kingpin being the main antagonist and Charlie Cox' Daredevil tagging along for a supporting role.

But let's not get ahead of the game––fans still have her journey in Hawkeye to focus on.

Hawkeye is streaming weekly on Disney+ every Wednesday,

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