Hawk Tuah Meaning Explained: Who is the Girl and Where Is She Now? Watch The Original Video Here

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Hawk Tuah Hailey Welch

For those who have not been living under a rock, the Hawk Tuah Girl seems to be everywhere.

Like a clarion call, a siren's song, the bell has been rung, the words have been spoken, "You gotta give 'im that hawk tuah! And spit on that thang!"

But what exactly is this not-so-cryptic locution? And who was the young woman from whose mind it originally sprung?

Meet Hailey Welch, the 'Hawk Tuah Girl'

Hawk Tuah girl on TikTok

On Sunday, June 23, a video was posted to a YouTube channel called Tim & Dee TV. One particular segment of this video consisted of a 'man-on-the-street' style interview in which a woman was met with a query that was decidedly ribald: "What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?"

That woman is 21-year-old Tennessee native Hailey Welch, and as if a lightbulb appeared over her head, she quickly arrived at an answer: 

"Oh! You gotta give 'im that *hawk tuah* and spit on that thang, you get me?"

In simpler but no less suggestive terms, what Welch meant is that during the act of sexual intercourse, she believes the ideal move to make to excite her partner is to cough up a loogie and aim the projectile saliva directly at… well, that blank can easily be filled in.

The instantly iconic reply made Hailey Welch an overnight internet sensation. There have been breakdown videos, musical remixes, and the clip has been shared countless times by major news outlets.

Welch and her friend Brianna Lapaglia (the other woman from the original Tim & Dee interview) sat down with Plan Bri Uncut for an interview that was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, July 1.

During that interview, Welch discussed where she would like to go next:

"I don’t really want that to be like, my image. Like, 'Hawk Tuah Girl?' Eh. I just- I don’t see that being like, my thing… I don’t wanna be known as that."

Welch has also caught the attention of political pundits due to the remark she made in the same sit-down about Republican presidential candidate and famous criticism-accepter, Donald Trump. When asked if she would bust out the ol’ "Hawk Tuah" for Trump, Welch succinctly responded, "No, absolutely not."

You can watch the original Hawk Tuah video below:

What Is Next for Hailey Welch?

To her great credit, Hailey Welch seems to be handling her instant fame with confidence and grace. There are many who would buckle with this many eyes on them.

But what is in the pipeline for Welch? For starters, she signed with the talent management firm The Penthouse (via The Hollywood Reporter). Although it is not yet clear what such a partnership will entail, Welch expressed gratitude for her newfound notoriety in a statement:

"Please don't wake me. Two weeks ago it was just my Granny and me in itty bitty Belfast, Tennessee. Then I say something silly and now my life has changed. Isn’t God great?! Can’t wait for what’s ahead."

Welch has also come across the radar of some big names. She has had encounters with several celebrities including philanthropist and retired NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal. 

Welch shared the below post on Instagram featuring a photo taken of her with O’Neal and the caption "Chillin’ with the Big Diesel:"

Additionally, she was pulled up onstage at a recent concert held by country singer Zach Bryan during a performance of his song "Revival:"

Still want to learn more about the real Hawk Tuah girl? Read more about Hailey Welch's age, Instagram, net worth, and more here!

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