Hailey Welch The Hawk Tuah Girl: Age, Instagram, Net Worth, Merch and More

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Hailey Welch The Hawk Tuah Girl

The Hawk Tuah Girl, Hailey Welch has rapidly become famous!

Hailey Welch made waves thanks to a serendipitous, impromptu interview featuring her that was posted to YouTube in late June.

If you are still confused about what Hawk Tuah actually means, we explain that here, but if you want to know more about the girl behind the Hawk Tuah, Hailey Welch, continue reading!

4 Facts To Know About Hailey Welch

Hailey Welch Is From Belfast, Tennessee

Hailey Welch at Zach Bryan Concert
Zach Bryan

Hailey Welch, who is 21 years old, was born and raised in Belfast, Tennessee. Moreover, in the original video that kicked off Welch’s newfound notoriety, she and her friend were out on the town in Nashville, roughly an hour away from Belfast.

Belfast was founded in 1862 and has a population of 788 residents. In a video posted to her Instagram account, Welch dispelled notions that she was moving to Los Angeles or New York out of love and devotion for her grandmother, with whom she is very close.

Hailey Is Already Making Big Bucks

Hawk Tuah girl on TikTok
Hailey Welch

Ka-ching! Thanks to her status as an overnight sensation and a string of personal appearances, Welch’s net worth has reportedly risen considerably (Via Page Six).

During an upcoming trip to the Big Apple, New York City, Hailey Welch is said to rake in approximately $30,000 for stopping by Memory Motel’s pop-up and two other local spots. 

Tickets for the Memory Motel event, which has taken the form of a speaking engagement hosted by Welch, has tickets priced upwards of 45 dollars a pop.

She’s also made the shrewd move of hiring the services of an attorney (via USA Today), a PR firm, and a management company that will help oversee her day-to-day activities concerning these personal appearances and other opportunities involving the media.

Welch’s manager, Jonnie Foster recently offered the following hypothetical:

"Right now, she can make more money holding up a can for five minutes than she made all last year."

Thanks to her rampant success, Hailey Welch was able to quit her job at the spring factory in Tennessee on June 27.

Hailey Already Has a Merch Store

Hawk Tuah Merch Store
!6 Minutes Life

Welch and her team have opened an online merchandise store that offers official Hawk Tuah-branded gear such as hats. The site can be found at 16minutes.life.

Additionally, she also sold hats branded with the slogan "Hawk Tuah '24" through a separate storefront called Fathead Threads (via Rolling Stone). Sales from that venture are estimated at $65,000 at the very least. The hat in question is available in 14 colors and is priced at $32.78.

Hailey Could Have a Reality Show Soon

Word on the street is that Hailey Welch could soon star in her own reality television series. It’s presently unknown what form or tone such a program could take, much less a channel on which it would air. Currently, Welch is simply said to be accepting pitches for the potential series (Via TMZ).

How To Follow Hailey Welch Online

Despite deleting her social media presence several months ago, Hailey Welch is back on a variety of platforms, including Instagram (@hay_welch), TikTok (@hay_welch), and Snapchat (@haileywelch178).

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