Is Hades 2 Early Access on Switch, PS5, and Steam? Platform Release Details Confirmed

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With the Early Access release of Hades 2, fans wondering which platforms the game is coming to, including PS5, Switch, Xbox, and Steam. 

Following up on the uber-success of Supergiant Games' 2020 rogue-lite Hades, the hotly anticipated Hades 2 sends gamers back into the depths of the underworld to come face to face with the best and brightest of Greek mythology. 

The sequel was first announced at Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards ceremony in 2022 before an Early Access rollout was planned for a 2024 release. 

Where Hades 2 Early Access Is Being Released

Hades 2
Hades 2

Starting on May 6, fans can dive into Hades 2 thanks to its Early Access release; however, gamers may not know it is not available on every platform. 

According to developer Supergiant Games, the follow-up to 2020's critically acclaimed Hades will only be available on PC throughout its Early Access period. 

Supergiant Games posted in its official press release announcing the game's Early Access release, saying, "Early Access is only on Steam and the Epic Games Store." This means gamers on PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch will be left out of the fun... at least for now. 

The Hades 2 team reassured gamers the title will eventually come to console platforms, but made it clear it could not "confirm which platforms yet:"

"You may also want to hold out for the v1.0 launch depending on which platform you'd like to play on, as Early Access is only on Steam and the Epic Games Store. We expect 'Hades II' to eventually be available for PC, Mac, and console platforms (though cannot confirm which platforms yet)."

These "console platforms" likely include PS5 and Xbox, but what Nintendo console it comes to remains to be seen.

The cryptic nature of the post is assumedly referring to the rumored unannounced Nintendo Switch follow-up which is expected to be released sometime in early 2025 (read more about the Nintendo Switch 2 here).

Early Access games rarely come to console platforms, with developers opting to bring the full 1.0 versions of their games to PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox after any Early Access release period. 

In recent years, Xbox has started its bespoke Early Access program named Xbox Game Preview; however, Hades 2 (at least for now) does not look to be a part of that. 

The Hades 2 Early Access includes a nearly full build of the game, albeit one that will change and improve throughout the Early Access period.

Supergiant noted that the Early Access version of the rogue-lite does not include its true ending, and that will be saved for the full release. 

When Will Hades 2 Come to Consoles?

With Hades 2 dodging a console release (at least during its Early Access period), console gamers itching to get their hands on the title will have to wait. 

As a part of the game's Early Access release, Supergiant Games revealed the console versions of Hades 2 will not come until after Early Access is complete. 

While no exact date was given when Early Access will come to an end, the development team posited, that it will last "at least through the end of 2024:"

"We're planning our first Major Update for later this year! Please note while we'll be monitoring feedback and reports carefully, this Major Update will take some months following our initial launch. Beyond that, we expect to be in Early Access at least through the end of 2024 in order to build out the remaining content we have planned."

That means the console release of Hades 2 will most likely not happen until at least early 2025. 

Hades started its Steam Early Access period in December 2019 before going into full release (on PC and Nintendo Switch) on September 17, 2020 (roughly nine months later). 

If Hades 2 follows a similar sort of pre-release pipeline, that would mean with Early Access starting in May 2024, a full console release can be expected sometime in February or March 2025. 

The first Hades game was released as a console exclusive on Nintendo Switch, before coming to PS4 and Xbox One almost a year later in August 2021. 

It is unknown if Hades 2 will have the same sort of console exclusivity but with reports of the Nintendo Switch 2 being released before March 2025, then a day-one release on the console could make sense. 

Whether the Nintendo Switch follow-up is the only console the game comes to at launch remains to be seen, but if Nintendo is ready to pony up the cash to lock it down, Hades 2 could made for a system seller if it has any sort of Switch 2 exclusive window. 

Hades 2 Early Access is available now on Steam and Epic Games Store. 

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