This GTA 6 Video Spoils the Game's Twist Ending, According to Some Fans

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Following the first trailer for GTA 6 fans have started forming theories about the game's ending. 

Rockstar Games officially revealed the first look and release date of its highly anticipated new game last month, which confirmed GTA 6's setting to be Vice City. The footage also introduced the two main characters players will come to know in the new Grand Theft Auto game, those being Jason and Lucia, a Bonnie and Clyde-style team. 

While the release date for the new game is not until 2025, speculation over the plot is already underway.

GTA 6 Ending: What Are the Theories?

Theories are rife online right now with fans speculating the GTA 6 ending could make the player choose between killing main characters Lucia and Jason.

The idea picked up steam, particularly on Reddit, with one YouTube video visually representing how this scene may play out, seeing the two characters in a Western-style stand-off. From there, the player in control of who lives or dies at the press of a button.

Many fans are in support of this theory, claiming there are clues hidden in GTA 6 marketing that tease this ending.

One Redditor pointed out that Grand Theft Auto's protagonists have typically been right-handed, however, Jason is depicted as left-handed which could associate him with being unlucky and sinister, as per the etymology of the word, setting him up to potentially betray Lucia.

The user continued saying trust appears to be an emerging theme in GTA 6, with a line in the trailer saying:

Lucia: “The only way… we’re gonna get through this. Is by sticking together. Being a team. Trust?”

Jason: ”Trust.”

A different Reddit thread posited the game will ask players to choose between greed and loyalty, with Lucia representing the freewheeling impulsive type who likes to live dangerously while Jason is the muscle with a more reasonable and tempered approach. In this scenario, it may be Lucia who betrays Jason after he attempts to put a stop to her ego-driven and increasingly dangerous crimes. 

This theory suggests players will have three choices: Jason - who will give up Lucia to the feds, Lucia - who will kill Jason for betraying her, or a third option where the duo will sacrifice their wealth and criminal connections to the police to stay together.

As one theory points out, GTA endings have often involved the death of the protagonists. While it is yet to be confirmed by Rockstar, it is expected that both Lucia and Jason will be playable characters in GTA 6. Therefore, forcing gamers to spend time playing as both of them before having to kill one in the finale would be quite a difficult ending. 

Will GTA 6 End With A Choice?

GTA 6 ending theory

Rockstar's games has never shied away from choices. In GTA V, the game notably ended by offering the player three choices, two of which ended with a character dead. Therefore, a choice between two protagonists wouldn't be out of the ordinary in GTA 6.

A choice between Jason and Lucia would be a fitting ending to their Bonnie and Clyde-inspired dynamic. If GTA 6 chooses to pull closely from this story, players could be offered a third, more tragic, choice that would see both the main characters refuse to betray each other and instead die in a police manhunt.

Given the tactics employed by the studio's previous game release, Red Dead Redemption 2, it's possible that GTA 6's ending will be tied to an honor system, relying on choices the player has made progressively throughout the game that unlocks different scenarios in the finale. 

GTA 6 is expected to release in 2025 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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