Good Omens Season 3: Potential Release, Cast and Everything We Know

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While Good Omens had a successful Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video, many are still wondering if a third season is in the works.

Good Omens explores the dynamic between an angel and a demon as they work together to prevent the end of days (aka Armageddon) on Earth. The series features a stellar cast headlined by David Tennant and Michael Sheen. 

Good Omens made its debut on Prime Video on May 31, 2019. It was then renewed for a second season in June 2021, which later premiered on July 28, 2023.

Will Good Omens Season 3 Ever Release?

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In July 2023, Good Omens creator Neil Gaiman shared a promising update about Season 3 on X (formerly known as Twitter) saying that the upcoming season is already "planned and plotted" and that he would be writing if there was no writers' strike in Hollywood: 

"It's planned and plotted and if there wasn't a Writers Strike on, I'd be writing it right now."

Gaiman then enumerated three things that fans should do in order to make Season 3 a reality: 

"Ways to help make 'Good Omens' Season 3 happen are A) watch Season 2, B) get people who know nothing of Good Omens to start watching S1, and C) encourage the studios to negotiate with WGA."

It makes sense that the ongoing strikes by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) impacted the potential Season 3 plans for Good Omens, considering that Gaiman is a member of the WGA. 

While Amazon Prime Video has yet to renew Good Omens for Season 3, it seems likely that an announcement for Season 3 will happen once the strikes are resolved. 

Despite that, Gaiman has been active on social media, teasing what lies ahead for Season 3 as well as the continuation of the story. 

In a post on Tumblr in July 2023, a fan asked if he is willing to finish Good Omens' story in another medium if it doesn't receive a Season 3 renewal. 

Gaiman responded, "Absolutely. I wouldn't want to leave it mid-story."

The creator's response means that Good Omens' story will be resolved whether or not the show is renewed for a third season. This is important, considering that Good Omens Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger.

If it gets renewed, when will it premiere? Of course, Gaiman has the answer. 

In a separate thread from Tumblr in July 2023, the showrunner said that he already wrote the "first draft of Episode 1 and the final 15 pages of Episode 6:" 

"If it wasn't for strikes I'd have most of it written by now. As it is, a first draft of Episode 1 and the final fifteen pages of Episode 6 (in case I get hit by a bus) are written, and the rest of it has to wait until the strike is done and we can pick up our pens. When the strike was called I took the post-it notes with the Season 3 episode breakdowns off the walls and put them sadly away."

Gaiman continued, pointing out that the earliest possible release date of Season 3 is "early 2026" if the cast and crew reunite for production in 2024: 

"If we shot it in 2024, it would probably be released in early '26. (We started shooting S2 in October 2021. It's about a year in post-production from wrap to release)."

Hopefully, the Hollywood strikes will be resolved so that cameras can start rolling for Good Omens Season 3 so that Gaiman's prediction of its release will eventually come true. 

In October 2023, Deadline claimed that Good Omens is "looking good" to be renewed for Season 3 by Amazon and the BBC network. 

The outlet noted that Season 3 could be the show's final chapter and the options on Good Omens' main cast have already been picked up. 

Deadline also shared that Good Omens Season 1 and 2 showrunner Douglas Mackinnon will not return for Season 3. 

Good Omens Season 3 Cast: Who Would Return?

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Most of the Good Omens' star-studded cast are expected to return in a potential Season 3. 

The show's lead stars, David Tennant, Michael Sheen, and Jon Hamm are expected to make a comeback in a third season, mainly because their stories are yet to be resolved. 

Similar to the first two seasons, some of the side characters could play new roles, meaning that the same actors will likely return in Season 3. The likes of Nina Sosanya, Miranda Richardson, and Maggie Service are set to return.

Here's a list of the expected cast members of Season 3: 

  • David Tennant - Crowley
  • Michael Sheen - Aziraphale 
  • Jon Hamm - Gabriel
  • Doon Mackichan - Archangel Michael
  • Miranda Richardson 
  • Maggie Service 
  • Shelley Conn
  • Derek Jacobi - Metatron
  • Nina Sosanya 
  • Abigail Lawrie - Elspeth
  • Liz Carr - Saraqael
  • Elizabeth Berrington - Dagon
  • Paul Adeyefa - Eric
  • Quelin Sepulveda - Muriel
  • Gloria Obianyo - Uriel

What Could Happen in Good Omens Season 3?

Good Omens
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In the Season 2 finale, it was revealed that Jon Hamm's Gabriel had a secret relationship with Shelley Conn's Beelzebub aka Hell's head demon. The romance between the pair led to the decision that a second apocalypse is not worth pursuing anymore. 

However, when the angels learned about Gabriel's relationship with Beelzebub, they were initially planning to erase his memory and reduce his angelic status. 

Upon knowing his punishment, Gabriel decided to temporarily wipe his memory and place it in a storage fly that was given to him by Beelzebub. Ultimately, Gabriel was able to remember everything, and he ran off with Beelzebub to achieve their own happy ending.

As a result, Heaven and Hell have no more leaders. Shortly after the pair's disappearance, Aziraphale decided to be the head of Heaven instead, with him bringing Crowley (a demon) with him so they could be together. 

Despite that, Crowley did not like the idea of going to Heaven. Instead, he professed his love to Aziraphale and kissed him for the first time. 

Season 2 ended with Aziraphale telling Crowley that he forgives him before going their separate ways.

In Season 3, it appears that the potential new season will explore the inevitable reunion between Aziraphale and Crowley. For this to happen, though, Aziraphale needs to juggle his newfound responsibilities in Heaven first while also trying to find a new leader for Hell. 

It's possible that Aziraphale will try to find Gabriel and Beelzebub first to convince them to return to their old leadership posts in Heaven and Hell. 

Aziraphale could also try to persuade the other angels and demons that they can coexist, similar to Gabriel and Beelzebub and his and Crowley's relationships.

Interestingly, Good Omens showrunner Neil Gaiman revealed in a comment from Tumblr in June 2023 that Season 3 is based on the unwritten sequel to the novel, clarifying that Season 2 was planned to set up the events of the third season:

"Terry [Pratchett] and I plotted a sequel to 'Good Omens.'

Many ideas from the conversations we had about the sequel -- not plot stuff, but character stuff and place stuff -- made their way into the first TV series.

The second season isn't the sequel. It's something I plotted with the brilliant John Finnemore that allows us to get gracefully from the end of book one to the place that the second novel would have started.

If ever there's a third TV series that will be the story of the second novel."

So what is the story of Season 3? At the end of Season 2, Metatron tells Aziraphale that "The Second Coming" is the next phase of the plan, and it appears to be the safe bet on where the story is headed next.

If that's the case, then Jesus Christ could be one of the new characters who is expected to be the central focus of Season 3. 

The first two seasons of Good Omens are available to stream on Prime Video.

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