Gen V Episode 5: New Description Spoils What Happens After Big Ep. 4 Cliffhanger

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Fans wondering what exactly is going to happen in Gen V Episode 5 after the latest episode's big cliffhanger just got some new crucial information about the events of the next installment.

A lot went down in Episode 4–Tek Knight obliterated through the lies perpetrated by the main cast, Rufus' junk was exploded, Marie and Jordan hooked up, and the group of heroes teamed up to stop Sam from doing something reckless.

To wrap it all up, the final moments of the episode made viewers scratch their heads in confusion.

Just after Emma successfully calmed down a raging Sam, Marie swears to Luke’s brother that they will make everything right—just as the show cuts to black, skipping ahead to Marie waking up in bed next to Jordan. Similarly to Jaz Sinclair’s leading character, fans are left flabbergasted about what happened in between those two moments.

Gen V's Cast Attended an All-Night Bender?

Thanks to a new post on KSiteTV, Gen V fans now have a proper synopsis of what they can expect for Episode 5 of the series, which will offer up some spoilers following the previous installment's cliffhanger.

The description reveals how the gang wakes up to "what they assume was an all-night bender," but as they try to recall everything that happened, it becomes clear that "nothing is quite what it seems."

"The gang wakes up at Dusty’s house from what they assume was an all-night bender. As they try to retrace their liquor and drug-drenched steps from last night, nothing is quite what it seems. Only Sam knows the truth. Marie begins to question Shetty’s motives and the secret of The Woods is revealed."

Gen V, Episode 4

Amazon itself also released a new promo on X, formerly known as Twitter, that sees Jordan admit to having "days that [they are] missing." The full clip can be seen below:

What Happened to Marie and Co. Offscreen?

Needless to say, Episode 5 is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

It’s clear that everyone has some sort of collective amnesia about what happened in their lost time—which suggests something nefarious is happening.

But what exactly could keep Sam, who supposedly knows the truth, from them? And, speaking of, where is Luke’s brother during all of this anyhow?

That lost time could hint at Rufus' involvement behind the mysterious events, especially since audiences just watched Marie lose time in a similar manner in Episode 4. While it’s clear why he might be out to get her, it’s a little fuzzy on what Rufus would have against the rest of the gang (outside of Cate, who Jumanji’d him earlier this season).

Besides what could have happened in their lost time, Episode 5’s description also teases the show’s biggest spoiler yet: revealing what exactly “The Woods” is up to.

Gen V is now streaming on Prime Video.

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