'From' Season 3 Release Announcement Coming 'Soon': When Will It Debut?

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From, Boyd Stevens

According to one of the stars behind the hit From series, a Season 3 release announcement is imminent. 

The sci-fi horror show from MGM+ tells a harrowing story about a town that holds captive anyone who enters and how its denizens hope to one day escape. 

Season 2 of the series ran from April to June of 2023, with a third season being ordered a few weeks after its sophomore run. However, since then, news of From's return has remained fairly quiet as fans await the return of the TV horror hit.

From Season 3 Release Teased by Star

Harold Perrineau in From Season 2

From actor Harold Perrineau revealed that fans can expect a release announcement for Season 3 of the MGM+ series soon. 

Replying to fans on X (formerly Twitter), the Boyd Stevens actor pulled the curtain back on Season 3 of the show, saying he could not let slip when the series will return but that hoping to know "soon:"

"Hope to have that answer for you soon, and let me tell you…you won’t be disappointed."

This comment from Perrineau is the first indication that news on the series' upcoming third season is imminent.

Filming on From Season 3 started in December 2023 (read more about From Season 3 production here), so a 2024 release would make sense for the hit horror show. 

Season 1 began production in May 2021, releasing around nine months later in February 2022. 

Season 2 followed a similar path, getting in front of the camera in August 2022 and hitting MGM+ in April 2023 (eight months later). 

So, with Season 3 production kicking off at the end of last year, a late summer or early fall release seems highly likely. 

However, given Perrineau's use of "you won't be disappointed" when asked about when the series would return, this could indicate that the show may return sooner than that.  

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What Will Happen in From Season 3?

Fans have been waiting for From's return since Season 2's finale, especially after the thrilling cliffhanger the show ended. 

Season 3 is sure to follow up on this revelation of Season 2's closer, as viewers were shown Tabitha Matthews was pushed out of the window by The Boy in White, revealing that she had been in a coma outside the town at From's center.

Because of this, some have speculated those who find themselves stuck within From's terrifying town may have to kill themselves to get out.

In an interview with TV Insider, Harold Perrineau commented on the death theory, saying it "depends on [one's] definition of death."

Hopefully, as fans get a taste of what is to come in Season 3, the details of the town will be explored. 

Beyond that, the origin of this mysterious municipality may also be the focus of Season 3, as the residents stuck within it learn not just how to get out but why exactly the town got to be the way it is. 

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From Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on MGM+. 

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