Fool Me Once Nanny Cam Twist Explained

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The ending of Fool Me Once featured a huge conspiratorial twist revolving around a nanny cam. 

Inspired by Harlan Coben's 2016 novel, Fool Me Once is Netflix's latest mystery-thriller starring Michelle Keegan's Maya Stern as she investigates how her murdered husband, played by Richard Armitage, reappeared after his funeral.

The answer is just one of the eight-episode series' dramatic revelations and integral to untangling this family conspiracy. 

Explaining Fool Me Once's Nanny Cam Reveal

Maya's investigation in Fool Me Once begins when she sees her husband Joe playing with their daughter on their nanny cam in the wake of his seemingly certain death. 

Richard Armitage in Fool Me Once

The mystery is finally solved in Episode 7 when Maya confronts Izabella and Luka, the family nanny and her boyfriend. 

Michelle Keegan in Fool Me Once

At gunpoint, Izabella admits that the nanny cam footage of Joe was faked

Natalia Kostrzewa in Fool Me Once

The couple deepfaked Joe's face onto Luka's body while he was wearing a shirt of Joe's and through the use of preexisting footage. 

Fool Me Once nanny cam twist

To make matters worse, the footage used was taken from Joe and Maya's wedding video. 

Fool Me Once Richard Armitage

Luka goes on to reveal that they were hired by Joe's mother Judith, played by Joanna Lumley, who suspected Maya was responsible for Joe's murder. 

Luke in Fool Me Once

The hope was that the deepfake would unhinge Maya, ultimately leading to her confession. 

How the Nanny Cam Returns in Fool Me Once's Finale

While Maya ultimately finds out about the nanny cam set-up, Judith's plan turns out not to be a complete failure.

Just as the matriarch suspected, Maya is Joe's killer. 

After confronting him for killing her sister who was exposing the Burkett family's mass pharmaceutical corruption, Joe tried to kill Maya. 

Suspecting this, Maya switched his gun ahead of time, leaving her with the only working weapon. 

When Maya finally goes to confront Judith and the rest of the family, and after both sides spill their secrets, she's fatally shot by Joe's younger brother Neil. 

However, in echoing the twist that originally deceived her, the confessions and her murder are being live-streamed via the nanny cam she planted. 

All episodes of Fool Me Once are streaming now on Netflix.

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