Michelle Keegan Reveals 1 Fear She Had to Overcome Filming Fool Me Once

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Michelle Keegan in Fool Me Once series

A certain scene from Fool Me Once proved to be particularly terrifying for actress Michelle Keegan

Netflix's eight-episode British mystery thriller follows Michelle Keegan's Maya Stern as she investigates the death of her husband and his shocking reappearance, all while her niece and nephew look for answers to their mother's murder.  

The dramatic series ends with several surprising twists and final reveals. However, the experience of Fool Me Once wasn't just thrilling for the audience but for the series star herself. 

Michelle Keegan's Fear Filming Fool Me Once

Michelle Keegan flying helicopter in Fool Me Once series

In Fool Me Once, Michelle Keegan's Maya Stern is a former helicopter pilot who relies on her military background to find answers.

But in talking with HELLO!, Keegan revealed that filming the helicopter scenes was personally challenging due to the "see-through floor" and because she's "scared of heights:"

"I’ve been in a helicopter before but I was strapped in and I wasn’t flying and there were more people in it because it was a helivac, a big, big helicopter. But this one, it was me, the pilot and a cameraman in a tiny helicopter and a see-through floor. Especially because I’m scared of heights!"

Fortunately for the actress, the shoot took place "on a really beautiful day" and ended up being "really fun:"

"But luckily, we flew on a really beautiful day. You don’t get that in Manchester, very rare! It was all blue skies and it was all green. So, I got over that fear halfway through then I got given the wheel. But it was fun. It was really fun."

As for how she prepared for this scene in light of her phobia, she admitted, "I had no choice" and so "I think I just didn't think about it:"

"I had no choice! It was for the filming. So I think I just didn't think about it, I just strapped myself in and off we went."

Why Fool Me Once's Flying Scenes Were Worth It

The fact Michelle Keegan is afraid of heights yet played a helicopter pilot isn't just ironic but a fascinating example of the challenges actors face. And, in the case of Keegan, overcome. 

What's even more impressive is that the helicopter was "tiny," the floor was "see-through," and she had to fly it. 

Fortunately, it seems that the flying scenes were well worth the stress. 

Not only did the actress overcome her fear "halfway through," but Fool Me Once has continued to attract audiences since its January 1 Netflix debut and is currently trending on the platform.

All episodes of Fool Me Once are streaming now on Netflix.

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