FNAF Movie's Scariest Scenes Just Got Spoiled (Descriptions)

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New info may have spoiled the Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) movie's most horrifying scenes. 

After years as a fan-favorite video game franchise, FNAF will bring its terrifying brand of horror to the big screen for the first time. 

In a series that prides itself on its unique brand of animatronic-based horror, the Freddy's movie looks like it is going to be no slouch in that department. 

While the movie has been rated PG-13 stateside for "strong violent content, blood images, and language," there is still plenty of potential for some skin-crawling fun. 

Horrifying FNAF Spoilers Revealed

Five Nights at Freddy's Animatronic
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Thanks to new rating information from the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), fans may have had the most horrifying Five Nights at Freddy's scene spoiled early.

The movie has been given a 15+ rating for the U.K. territory citing "strong threat [and] violence."

The Violence section of the rating classification spoils moments of "slashings with bladed instruments" and a scene featuring "an undetailed decapitation:"

"Strong violence features stabbings, slashings with bladed instruments and an undetailed decapitation, resulting in bloody aftermath injury detail."

It also mentioned (under Threat and Horror) flashbacks featuring " an unsettling narrative theme of children being abducted:"

"There is sustained threat, some of which is of a supernatural nature. People are menaced by robotic machines designed in the form of animals and children who behave in a strange manner. There is an unsettling narrative theme of children being abducted and going missing, but this is presented mainly in verbal references or brief, undetailed flashbacks."

Five Nights at Freddy's Animatronic Scary Scene
Blumhouse Productions

Categorized under Themes, the BBFC also spoils a plotline featuring "mental illness which, in the case of a young child, is firmly dismissed:"

"There are references to mental illness which, in the case of a young child, is firmly dismissed as being a reason for her behaviour."

While not nearly as spoilery, the rating classification also describes "mild bad language" including uses of "ass, asshole, shit, screw you, frigging, [and] freaking:"

"There is mild bad language (‘ass’, ‘asshole’, ‘shit’, ‘screw you’, ‘frigging’, ‘freaking’), as well as very mild terms such as ‘jerk’ and ‘hell’."

What To Expect in the Five Nights at Freddy's Movie

While some of these details from the BBFC rating could be construed as spoilers, a lot of the plot specifics were to be expected. 

For those who were worried about the movie not getting a full R-rating, this is proof that the FNAF film will not be skimping on the horror-filled fun. 

Sure, it may not go as far as the likes of Saw, but themes of child abduction and a decapitation scene are no joke. 

The Five Nights games have never been gore-fests like some other big names in horror may be; it has much more been about the impending threat of its central band of murderous animatronics

So yes - as revealed by the film's spoiler-filled rating classification - the movie's take on the FNAF world will feature some truly horrifying sequences, but it also looks to be leaning more into what made the franchise such a success to begin with rather than reinvent it for the big screen. 

It will be interesting to see just who from the film's stellar cast will fall victim to some of the blood-curdling scenes that are included. 

Five Nights at Freddy's comes to theaters and Peacock on Friday, October 27. 

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