The Flash: First Look at Jordan Fisher as Barry Allen's Son Revealed By Set Photos

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Jordan Fisher The Flash Barry Allen Costume

The Flash Season 7 is introducing a valued member to Barry Allen's family in the form of Jordan Fisher's Bart Allen, but details on how the speedster will arrive are still being kept under wraps. Throughout the show's seven-season run The Flash has had its fair share of ups and downs, but the CW series has debuted a wide array of characters from from all over DC Comics

This is mainly due to the Scarlet Speedster's ability to travel through time and explore different alternate realities. From altering the course of space-time to ultimately causing Flashpoint, Grant Gustin's Arrowverse hero has experienced almost everything, but Season 5 delivered a game-changer when the show introduced his daughter, Nora West-Allen. 

The Flash family is one of the most popular legacies of the DC hero and the CW series has greatly utilized this concept over the years.

Season 7 is set to add another member to the growing speedster unit with Jordan Fisher playing Bart Allen a.k.a. Impulse. Now, a fresh look at the future son of Barry and Iris has emerged in new set photos. 


Canadagraphs, via Instagram user realworldofflash, posted a new set photo from CW's The Flash, showcasing the first look at Jordan Fisher's Bart Allen all suited up as Impulse. The image also showed the villainous Godspeed in the background.

Another batch of set photos from Twitter user @Pagmyst revealed a family team-up between Grant Gustin's Flash, Fisher's Impulse, and Jessica Parker Kennedy's Nora Allen a.k.a. XS. 

Fisher's costume is heavily inspired by Bart Allen's suit in the comics.

Impulse Bart Allen
DC Comics



The comic-accurate suit of Jordan Fisher's Bart Allen should add more hype to his debut in the upcoming 150th episode of The Flash. The hit CW series is known for paying tribute to character designs and legacies from the comics, and Impulse's live-action debut definitely adds to that trend. 

It remains to be seen how Jessica Parker Kennedy's Nora Allen will return to the prime timeline, but this set photo confirms that she will team up with her father and brother to take on Godspeed. To recap, Nora was erased from existence during the Season 5 finale, and it is expected that her comeback will be explained in detail in the episode. 

Fisher also teased in a previous tweet that XS and Barry will not be the only speedster that will be featured in the episode since he also met John Wesley Shipp's Jay Garrick during production.

The multiverse concept was dropped altogether after the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover, but it looks like the Arrowverse is setting the stage for the return of this storyline. This is further amplified by the fact that Jay Garrick will also be featured in Brec Bassinger's Stargirl, a series that is set in Earth-2. 

From Impulse's much-anticipated debut to the return of XS, it seems that the 150th episode of The Flash will provide game-changing answers that could shape the Arrowverse's future like never before.

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