Fire Country Season 3 Release, Cast & Everything We Know

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As Fire Country Season 2 ends, the time has come to look ahead to Season 3's release and everything fans know thus far about it.

Centered on a young convict looking to redeem himself, Fire Country highlights a firefighting program in Northern California with prison inmates working alongside firefighters to keep the area flame-free.

First premiering in 2021, the show is now approaching the end of its second season on CBS, bringing fresh drama and action with every new weekly episode.

When Will Fire Country Season 3 Release?

Fire Country Season 2 poster

In March 2024, Deadline confirmed a Season 3 renewal for Fire Country, which lives to fight fires another day.

The show's official Instagram page celebrated that reveal with an appropriately-themed video, showing a cake with the show's logo. A lighter sets fire to the top of the cake, disintegrating the top layer as fans see the phrase "renewed for Season 3" in the next layer.

Additionally, a report from The Cinemaholic indicated that Season 3 is set to begin filming in Summer 2024 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This only leaves the question of when Season 3 will premiere after Season 2 concludes on Friday, May 10.

For reference, filming for Season 1 ran from July 21, 2022 until April 5, 2023, with the show's first episodes hitting CBS starting on October 7, 2022.

If the report about Season 3 filming this summer is true, new episodes could air on CBS sometime in Fall 2024.

Who Is Cast in Fire Country Season 3?

Barring any unexpected changes, most of the Fire Country cast should be expected to return for Season 3.

At the forefront is Max Thieriot's Bode Donovan, a young convict still reeling from his sister's death, dealing with that trauma as he returns to his home in Edgewater, California.

Fire Captain Manny Perez (Kevin Alejandro) runs Bode's program. He helps the inmates make better lives for themselves while also working through his own relationship with his daughter, Gabriela.

Speaking of Gabriela, played by Stephanie Arcila, she is a former champion diver who gave up her dream and joined Cal Fire, much to the reluctance of her father. She also quickly befriends Jordan Calloway's Jake Crawford before they wind up in a relationship together.

The full cast list can be seen below:

  • Max Thieriot - Bode Donovan
  • Stephanie Arcila - Gabriela Perez
  • Rafael de la Fuente - Diego
  • Diane Farr - Sharon Leone
  • Billy Burke - Vince Leone
  • Kevin Alejandro - Manny Perez
  • Jordan Calloway - Jake Crawford
  • Jules Latimer - Eve Edwards

There is also a chance that Morena Baccarin could return as Mickey Fox, who first appeared in Season 2, Episode 6 as Edgewater's Sheriff's Sergeant and Sharon Leone's estranged sister. She may even receive her spin-off show, although there is no definitive news yet.

What Will Happen in Fire Country Season 3?

Currently, Fire Country still has three episodes remaining in Season 2, making it difficult to predict what could happen next season without the ending to this one set in stone.

The biggest new development is Mickey's introduction as fans learn about her and Sharon's time growing up together. The tension in their relationship is later reaffirmed by the fact that Mickey was the one who arrested Bode for breaking and entering as a teenager, putting him in jail in the first place.

The end of the season should see plenty more family drama between these three as their bonds with each other start to heal, all while they continue protecting Edgewater from weekly incidents.

Combine that with the newly revealed petition to shut down Three Rock prison, and there will surely be plot lines at the end of this season that will spill over into Season 3.

New episodes of Fire Country Season 2 premiere every Friday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. 

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Fire Country Season 2 Release, Cast & Everything We Know

First Look at Fire Country Season 2 Officially Revealed

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