Full Cast of Fire Country Season 2 Episode 7 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Fire Country cast members

Fire Country continues its Season 2 slate with a high-profile cast of actors in its recently-released Episode 7.

First brought to CBS in late 2022, Fire Country highlights a young convict looking to get his life back on track by working with a California fire protection agency to reduce his sentence.

Season 2, Episode 7 (entitled "A Hail Mary") sees the core fire camp's future being threatened as public opinion on the program's existence quickly worsens.

Fire Country Season 2, Episode 7 debuted on CBS on April 26.

Every Character & Actor in Fire Country Season 2, Episode 7

Max Thieriot - Bode Donovan

Max Thieriot as Bode Donovan wearing an orange uniform in Fire Country Season 2
Max Thieriot

Leading the way in Fire Country Season 2, just as he did in Season 1, is Max Thieriot as convict-turned-firefighter Bode Donovan.

Returning to the Cal Fire firefighting program in hopes of earning an early release from prison, Bode is forced to face old demons in his hometown of Edgewater as he reunites with familiar faces from his early days.

Episode 7 sees Bode in a tough situation that could see him become the guardian of the late Cara's daughter after her death, which is complicated due to him still being incarcerated.

Combine that with angry mobs going after his program, and he's engulfed in plenty of stress as Season 2 nears its end.

Thieriot can be seen in past roles from The Pacifier, Disconnect, and Point Break. He also made his name as Clay Spenser in SEAL Team.

Kevin Alejandro - Manny Perez

Kevin Alejandro as Manny Perez wearing a woll jacket and a black button up shirt in Fire Country Season 2
Kevin Alejandro

Kevin Alejandro's Manny Perez is back for Fire Country, playing a major role in Season 2.

Perez is the fire captain leading Bode's troop of fighters, supporting the leading character both personally and professionally after going through the program himself.

Dealing with an angry mob protesting the convict program in Episode 7, Perez stands up to the protesters, trying to show them that the program truly works and is meaningful to people.

Alejandro can also be seen in True Blood, Southland, and Bedtime Story. He also plays an important role in the Arrowverse's Arrow as Brother Blood.

Stephanie Arcila - Gabriela Perez

Stephanie Arcila as Gabriela Perez wearing a blue shirt and smiling in Fire Country Season 2
Stephanie Arcila

Bode Donovan's love interest in Fire Country comes in the form of Stephanie Arcila's Gabriela Perez, who just so happens to be Manny Perez's daughter.

Devastated when Bode went back to prison at the end of Season 1, Gabriela has done everything in her power this season to help prove his innocence while continuing her work as a firefighter.

This new episode sees Gabriela officially get certified as a paramedic in California, putting those skills to the test immediately after an attack on a program facility leaves multiple injuries.

Some of Arcila's past credits come in Don't Breathe 2, Here and Now, and Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.

Jordan Calloway - Jake Crawford

Jordan Calloway as Jake Crawford wearing a blue shirt in Fire Country Season 2
Jordan Calloway

Jordan Calloway embodies the role of Jake Crawford, Gabriela's ex-boyfriend who also works with her and Bode.

Getting over the guilt he feels for the death of Bode's sister, Riley, Jake is also Bode's long-standing best friend as the two have been through trials and tribulations over the years together.

Fans see Jake take on an important responsibility in Episode 7, being there for Cara's daughter alongside Bode's parents as her guardian situation is resolved.

Calloway's resume features big roles in Black Lightning, Riverdale, and Countdown.

Jules Latimer - Eve Edwards

Jules Latimer as Eve Edeards wearing a formal fire department uniform and badge in Fire Country Season 2
Jules Latimer

Eve Edwards returns for a new round of action in Fire Country Season 1 after a major supporting role in Season 1, played once more by Jules Latimer.

Known as something of a thrill-seeker who has no fear when it comes to fighting flames, a potential romance invovling her is teased throughout the show as she reveals her feelings for Jake.

Eve is responsible for showing a news crew around her program during an interview in Episode 7, although that is interrupted by both a protest and an attack on the facility.

Latimer is perhaps most recognizable for her role as Toni Plimpton in Guilty Party. Fans also remember her performance in Rustin as Joyce.

Diane Farr - Sharon Leone

Diane Farr as Sharon Leone wearing an orange jacket and black shirt in Fire Country Season 2
Diane Farr

Diane Farr joins the Fire Country cast as Sharon Leone, who is Bode Donovan's mother.

Still reeling over the loss of her daughter along with a chronic kidney disease, Sharon is Cal Fire's division chief, managing resource distribution across various stations in California.

Sharon is seen in Episode 7 working with officials on Cara's daughter's guardianship situation, doing her best to help keep the young girl's head on straight while Bode works through his issues.

Along with roles in Californication, Rescue Me, and Splitting Up Together, Farr is best known to fans as Megan Reeves in Numb3rs.

Billy Burke - Vince Leone

Billy Burke as Vince Leone wearing a maroon shirt and chain necklace in Fire Country Season 2
Billy Burke

Billy Burke's Vince Leone is Sharon's husband and Bode's biological father, working past the time he fell out with Bode after he blamed his son for his daughter's death.

Billy is also heavily involved in fighting fires as well, working as the Chief of Edgewater and Battalion 1508.

Billy does his best in Episode 7 to support both Bode and Sharon in Cara's daughter's adoption process, which pushes him forward through his reconciliation with Bode.

Burke is recognizable to the Twilight fandom for his role as Charlie Swan, and he also starred in Drive Angry, Red Riding Hood, and 911: Lone Star.

Michael Trucco - Luke Leone

Michael Trucco as Luke Leone wearing a blue puffy jacket in Fire Country Season 2
Michael Trucco

Returning for only his second appearance in Season 2 of Fire Country is Michael Trucco, who takes on the character Luke Leone.

Luke is Vince's younger brother who works as the Cal Fire North Operations Communications Director, and he even helped Sharon by donating his kidney to her in Season 1.

In Episode 7, Luke works with a news crew doing a profile on the program, doing everything in his power to keep the focus on the people they help while drama ensues around him.

Fans can see Trucco's other work in Hush, Next, Hunter Killer, and The Bye Bye Man.

Tye White - Cole

Tye White as Cole wearing an orange jumpsuit, orange hat, and goggles in Fire Country Season 2
Tye White

Tye White is one of Fire Country's newer faces for Season 2, giving the show a new character named Cole.

Cole is revealed as one of Bode's new cellmates in prison who is trying to live a better life for his family, and he is also experienced as an MMA fighter.

White has credits in American Auto, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Greenleaf.

Alix West Lefler - Genevieve

Alix West Lefler as Genevieve wearing a white jacket in front of Jenga blocks in Fire Country Season 2
Alix West Lefler

Alix West Lefler is one of Fire Country's youngest supporting characters, portraying Bode's daughter Genevieve.

Genevieve is a central focus in Episode 7 as her custody situation moves closer to being resolved, although she admits that she does not know her father as well as she should.

Lefler's most notable roles thus far come in The Good Nurse, My Life with the Walter Boys, Riderdale, and Siren.

Luisa d'Oliviera - Rita Rajdev

Luisa D’Oliviera as Rita Rajdev wearing a brown jacket and white blouse in Fire Country Season 2
Luisa D’Oliviera

Luisa d'Oliviera enjoys a single-episode appearance in Fire Country Season 2, Episode 7 as Rita Rajdev.

Rita is a local news reporter assigned to do a TV report on the Cal Fire program, getting as much footage as she can of the ensuing protest seen outside the gates.

d'Oliviera's resume includes appearances in The 100, Channel Zero, The Good Wife, and Cracked.

Lochlyn Munro - Gerry

Lochlyn Munro as Gerry wearing a brown jacket and white shirt in Fire Country Season 2
Lochlyn Munro

Season 2, Episode 7 sees a major protest start outside of the Cal Fire facility, led by Lochlyn Munro's Gerry.

Getting into a heated argument with Manny Perez, he is passionate that the program be shut down, as he feels criminals should not be working so close to an area so heavily populated with families.

Along with a recent supporting role in Peacemaker, Munro can be seen in Freddy vs. Jason, White Chicks, and Scary Movie.

The first seven episodes of Fire Country Season 2 are now streaming on Paramount+.

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Full Cast of Fire Country Season 2 on CBS - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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