Full Cast of FBI: Most Wanted 2024 - Season 5 Main Characters & Actors (Photos)

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CBS' FBI: Most Wanted returns to the small screen for its 2024 slate of episodes on the basks of its Season 5 core cast of characters.

Serving as a spin-off from creator Dick Wolf's FBI series, FBI: Most Wanted takes a deep dive into the Bureau's New York Fugitive Task Force as they track down the worst of the worst on the FBI's ever-popular Most Wanted list.

Variety confirmed the series was renewed for Season 4 and 5 in May 2022, but due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, Season 5 faced a long delay before filming its episodes in preparation for a 2024 release.

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Every Character & Actor in 2024's FBI: Most Wanted Season 5

Dylan McDermott - Remy Scott

Dylan McDermott, Remy Scott, FBI: Most Wanted
Dylan McDermott

Dylan McDermott takes on leading man duties in FBI: Most Wanted as Remy Scott, a New York-based FBI agent who returns to the Big Apple after a long stint with the Las Vegas Fugitive Task Force.

Known for his love of bagels and his bachelor lifestyle, McDermott first came on the scene in Season 2, replacing Julian McMahon as the top-billed actor after McMahon's Jess LaCroix left the series in Season 3.

Fans last saw Scott finally solve his brother's murder at the end of Season 4 as he continues to lead his team of FBI agents into Season 5.

McDermott's other major appearances come in The Practice, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Olympus Has Fallen, and Miracle on 34th Street.

Roxy Sternberg - Sheryll Barnes

Roxy Sternberg, Sheryll Barnes, FBI: Most Wanted
Roxy Sternberg

Roxy Sternberg takes on an important role in FBI: Most Wanted as FBI Agent Sheryll Barnes, an ex-detective with the NYPD who worked undercover jobs within the gangs of New York.

Utilizing skills she obtained from working undercover, Barnes has a cool and confident persona, although certain horrifying cases featuring intense violence have put that confidence to the test on occasion.

Sternberg is most recognizable for her roles in Mars, Chewing Gum, and Emerald City.

Keisha Castle-Hughes - Hana Gibson

Keisha Castle-Hughes, Hana Gibson: FBI: Most Wanted
Keisha Castle-Hughes

Keisha Castle-Hughes embodies FBI Analyst Hana Gibson, a Dallas-bred boot-wearing tech wiz who comes from a quite conservative background due to her Midwestern upbringing.

Known as a tough but playful old soul and recognizable for her love of cowboy boots, Gibson is a magician with data mining and social engineering, and she's dealt with some tough situations over the years, including cyberstalking.

Castle-Hughes' biggest roles come in Whale Rider and The Nativity Story, and she also played a minor cameo role as the Queen of Naboo in 2005's Star Wars:  Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.

Edwin Hodge - Ray Cannon

Edwin Hodge, Ray Cannon, FBI: Most Wanted
Edwin Hodge

Edwin Hodge stars in FBI: Most Wanted as FBI Agent Ray Cannon, who is transferred to Remy Scott's team after originally working with the Violent Crimes office in Albany, New York.

Cannon started his career as a cop with the New Orleans Police Department before ranking at the top of his graduating class from Quantico, following the same path as his father who was also an FBI agent.

Hodge can be seen in The Purge, The Purge: Election Year, and The Tomorrow War.

Shantel Van Santen - Nina Chase

Shantel Van Santen, Nina Chase, FBI: Most Wanted
Shantel Van Santen

Deadline confirmed in November 2023 that Shantel Van Santen would move to a recurrent role with the FBI: Most Wanted cast for Season 5 after first being introduced in Season 4 of FBI as FBI Agent Nina Chase.

Originally introduced with the Fugitive Task Force after coming from Houston, Nina specialized in undercover work in Texas and has a knack for going full Fast & Furious, showing off her high-speed driving skills behind the wheel of cars.

Van Santen's most notable roles come in The Final Destination and For All Mankind, and she also has multi-episode runs in The Flash and The Boys.

Steven Williams - Ray Cannon Sr.

Steven Williams, Ray Cannon Sr., FBI: Most Wanted
Steven Williams

In February, Deadline confirmed the casting of Steven Williams in FBI: Most Wanted Season 5 as he gets set to play Ray Cannon Sr., the father of Edwin Hodge's Ray Cannon.

Edwin Hodge teased how Williams would bring "an element that would be engaging to the audience," praising the creative team for the casting choice.

Williams will make his first of multiple appearances in Episode 2 on Tuesday, February 20, with the Fugitive Task Force going after bombers who are targeting retired NYPD officers which very likely will include Cannon Sr.

Williams is best known for his roles in Jason Goes to Hell, The Blues Brothers, X-Files, and Supernatural.

JD Martin - Corey Marks

JD Martin, Corey Marks, FBI: Most Wanted
JD Martin

After making his debut in the final episode of FBI: Most Wanted Season 4, JD Martin's Corey Marks looks to take on a more prominent role in the series for Season 5.

Joining the series as Remy Scott's nephew, Corey comes into play as his uncle goes after the real person who killed his brother - a mission that drives Remy for most of the show.

Martin can also be spotted in Manifest and Moonshine.

FBI: Most Wanted brings new episodes on CBS every Thursday at 10 p.m. ET.

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