Fast & Furious 10 Post-Credits Scene Gets Spoiled by New Report

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Fast & Furious 10 Vin Diesel

A post-credits moment from Universal Pictures' Fast X became the latest blockbuster scene to be spoiled online.

Fast & Furious 10 is building plenty of anticipation for fans ahead of its release, with early critics' opinions ranging from calling it "the worst Fast ever" to earning comparisons to Avengers: Infinity War from the MCU.

This franchise continues to bring new blood into the fray with action stars like Brie Larson and Jason Momoa, with Momoa's performance even being described by some as "God-level" as he brings his own flare to the Fast & Furious legacy.

And even after an indication that the final two Fast movies could very well end up being a trilogy that starts with Fast & Furious 10, one spoiler from the new upcoming film has many on the edge of their seat for what's coming next.

Fast X Post-Credits Moment Spoiled

Warning - The rest of this article contains major spoilers from the post-credits scene in Fast X.

Following press screenings for Fast X, The Wrap revealed that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson appears in the movie's post-credits scene as Luke Hobbs.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

This marks Johnson's fifth appearance in the franchise, with his debut coming in 2011's Fast Five. He's appeared in every Fast & Furious movie since that time outside of 2021's F9.

This also comes as a major shock considering that Johnson had a highly-publicized feud with franchise mainstay Vin Diesel, leading Johnson to leave the series after 2017's The Fate of the Furious. It was reported that the two had a difficult time working together, with rumors even indicating that their contracts forbade both of them from losing a fight on screen.

In December 2021, Johnson spoke with CNN about his exit, noting that he directly told Diesel that he "would not be returning to the franchise" but that he remained "supportive of the cast" and would root for the franchise's success.

"I told [Vin Diesel] directly - and privately - that I would not be returning to the franchise. I was firm yet cordial with my words and said that I would always be supportive of the cast and always root for the franchise to be successful, but that there was no chance I would return."

His goal was to finish his time in these movies "with gratitude and grace," as he commented on how "unfortunate" it was to see his feud with Diesel derail public opinion on the Fast & Furious saga to a degree:

"My goal all along was to end my amazing journey with this incredible 'Fast & Furious' franchise with gratitude and grace. It’s unfortunate that this public dialogue has muddied the waters. Regardless, I’m confident in the ‘Fast’ universe and its ability to consistently deliver for the audience, and I truly wish my former co-stars and crew members the best of luck and success in the next chapter."

Vanity Fair also shared another quote from Johnson from November 2021 saying how Johnson only agreed to be in The Fate of the Furious under the condition that he shared no scenes with Diesel.

Johnson "wanted to forgo drama" when he returned for the eighth Fast & Furious film, feeling it was "the best thing to do...for everybody."

Will Johnson & Diesel Work Together in Fast & Furious?

The feud between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel certainly made the rounds through news outlets over the years, especially as F9 continued without Johnson and managed to perform admirably at the box office at the height of the pandemic.

And while there is still no word about what exactly happens in this scene or how Hobbs will be involved with the final Fast & Furious movie (or movies), all eyes will be on this franchise to see how the Diesel/Johnson relationship moves forward.

This also marks the second time in a year that Johnson has had one of his movies spoiled, as he fully revealed the spoiler regarding Henry Cavill's comeback as Superman in the mid-credits scene from Black Adam at the end of 2022.

While there are still plenty of mysteries regarding the end of this two-decade-long story, Dwayne Johnson's spoiled return only adds a new layer of intrigue to what Universal has in store.

Fast X arrives in theaters on Friday, May 19.

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