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Earlier this year John Krasinski had the entire Marvel fandom vibrating as he cameoed as Reed Richards from an alternate universe in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This appearance comes as both an MCU Fantastic Four film and this inter-dimensional sequel have been thrown on the Marvel Studios slate following years of fans casting the actor in that very role. 

However, it is currently unknown if the star from The Office would return as the character, or if this was more of a one-time thing. Multiverse of Madness director Sam Raimi has made it clear that this was an "alternate universe" and was done as "complete fan service," casting doubts that Krasinski would ever be back in the role. 

But for every quote that denies he will come back into the fray, there are small glimmers that give fans hope this is all a big ruse. And now the spouse of the Reed Richard actor is the one fanning the flames, giving the MCU faithful just a little bit of gasoline to pour on that 'Krasinski for F4' fire. 

Emily Blunt Sounds off on Reed Richards Return

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Fantastic Four

In a recent interview with HeyUGuys at the London Film Festival, actress Emily Blunt commented on her husband John Krasinski's involvement in the MCU as Reed Richards, giving fans a little hope that the actor may be back at some point. 

Commenting on Krasinski's cameo in Doctor Strange 2, Blunt told reporters that she was "really happy" he got to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as she saw her spouse was "a huge fan" himself. 

She said that she totally understand "why it [has become] such an ardent passionate religion for people," noting that the franchise is "a huge part of our cinematic history now."

Commenting on a potential return to the role for her husband Blunt said "I hope so. You never know" before playfully holding her finger up to her mouth as if to say she can't say anymore:

Blunt: "I was really happy for him because I think he's a huge fan. And I understand why it's such an ardent passionate religion for people. It's a huge part of our cinematic history now. So he was thrilled."

Interviewer: "Well I think everyone else was as well, hoping we can see him again.

"Blunt: "Yeah? Well, I hope so. I hope so. You never know."

Does this Mean John Krasinski will be Back?

So could this cryptic "you never know" be a hint that there could be more Marvel action in store for John Krasinski? Well, not exactly. This is no confirmation and the actress genuinely sounds like she knows nothing about if or when he could be back. But the one thing that fans will latch on to here is that shushing motion Blunt makes towards the end of the clip. 

This small pointing of the finger could simply be the actress playing around with the interviewer along with fans, but it could also be her saying "Hey, I can't say any more." At this point, it feels like Krasinski will not be the mainline Reed Richards. There have been too many quotes denying he will have any involvement in Fantastic Four. But that doesn't necessarily mean he is done as the character. 

With the Multiverse story of all Multiverse stories coming in Avengers: Secret Wars, anything could truly happen. Perhaps that is when we see the actor again, alongside the Earth-616 Reed and maybe even Ioan Gruffudd and Miles Teller's takes on the character from the past F4 films. It might sound like a long shot, but if it going to happen, it is looking more and more likely that Secret Wars is the place for it to happen. 

Fantastic Four is set to debut in theaters on February 14, 2025. 

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