Falcon and Winter Soldier: Leak Reveals Episode 2 Runtime

Falcon and Winter Soldier

Riding the coattails of WandaVision's success and immense popularity throughout the world, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier officially premiered last week in the MCU.

The reactions to the episode have been very positive, along with being a hit critically . As it became the norm by Wanda’s adventure, the beginning of Sam’s journey ended with fans only wanting more.

WandaVision, however, usually clocked in at a measly 20-25 minutes. Thankfully, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier aims to be a longer show, supposedly running around the 45-60 minute mark. While the first episode was 49 minutes, fans might now know how long they can expect to be sitting in front of a TV this Friday.


According to a Reddit user on the Marvel Studios Spoilers subreddit , the second episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will clock in at 50 minutes—credits included.

The leaker also notes that Sam and Bucky will reunite at some point within Episode 2.


This isn’t the first time a leak like this has surfaced.

Several WandaVision episodes had their runtime leaked ahead of time via the same subreddit, and even the title of the premiere episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . In the end, all of these leaks were right on the money.

This time though, not only is there an estimated runtime, but also some intriguing information on the episode as well.

It was a surprise to many that the first episode came and went without Bucky and Sam ever crossing paths. It seems like fans won’t have to wait long for their reunion; if this is to be believed, they will team-up by the time the credits roll.

With the first episode ending on Wyatt Russell's John Walker taking on the mantle of Captain America, could this imposter be the reason for the two coming into contact again? Or will the Flag-Smashers somehow play into it? Good thing fans won’t have to wait long for the answer.