New Marvel Report Reveals Major Problem with MCU Disney+ Shows

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For the last year, Marvel has been riding high on its streaming success. The MCU made its Disney+ debut last winter with WandaVision and has not looked back. Since then, the franchise has seen six streaming series hit the platform, including Loki, Hawkeye, and most recently Moon Knight. Many were skeptical if this jump to the small screen would work, but it seems as though Marvel Studios has transitioned to the streaming world wonderfully

And this change in strategy is not going anywhere any time soon. Disney and Marvel already have plans for many more Disney+ projects coming in 2022 and beyond, as these shows seem to be becoming more and more integral to the overall MCU experience.

Along with their Star Wars counterparts, these super-powered series have become some of the most-watched TV shows around and have already garnered a handful of awards from various bodies. 

But not everything is right as rain, as some new data reveals that Marvel may not be having the effect on Disney+ that the Hollywood giant had hoped. 

The MCU Bump on Disney+

According to new data from analytics firm Parrot Analytics (by way of Business Insider), the Marvel Disney+ series have been massive hits, but they have not done a great job in courting new subscribers to the service. 

The data revealed that while most of the MCU streaming series like Moon Knight and Loki have similar growth trajectories week-to-week, they seem to only be hitting with existing Disney+ customers and not making as meaningful strides with enticing new users to jump on the platform. 

As for how Moon Knight is doing compared to its streaming compatriots, the Oscar Isaac-led series is ahead of Loki and Hawkeye, but behind WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in terms of demand at the same point post-release. 

Disney+ Marvel Data
Parrot Analytics


Can't Doubt the Data

There is no way around it - this data is surprising. How is it that the MCU Disney+ projects are some of the most-viewed streaming series, but fail to build on the subscriber base that the platform already has?

Well, one explanation could simply be the gargantuan number of customers Disney+ already has. Perhaps the House of Mouse has spoken to everyone they currently can with their streaming service. Meaning that there are no more on-the-fence customers to win over. 

But that shouldn't be the case. There is always another dollar to chase for these companies, and seeing this data will surely make Disney rethink their strategy of bringing more people in. Not to say the company is going to drastically change what they are doing, but it could mean they experiment more on the service in an effort to capture a base that has yet to feel served on Disney+. 

For now, though, the company will continue what they are doing with names like Moon Knight, and make some changes on the fringes, because the users that are there are still the most important thing to the company. 

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