New Captain America 4 Set Photos Tease Major Character Death

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Falcon, Sam Wilson with Captain America shield

New photos from the set of Captain America: New World Order suggest that not everyone in the upcoming MCU film will survive. 

Set to release on May 3, 2024, Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson will be joined by many of his supporting cast from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+, along with Harrison Ford as Thunderbolt Ross, The Incredible Hulk's Tim Blake Nelson and Liv Tyler, and a few new faces as well. 

Since the Phase 5 film began filming on March 20, production photos have offered Marvel audiences first looks at the cast on set. 

But this new batch of images not only showed more of the stars from the MCU film but also an idea of how someone's story ends. 

Sam Wilson Attends a Funeral in Captain America 4

New Captain America: New World Order set photos, posted by JustJared, have made their way online and show several cast members, including Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson, at a cemetery. 

In the photos below, Sam Wilson appears to be attending a military funeral at a cemetery as noted by the cast's uniforms and the tombstones in the background. 

It's also important to note that Sam Wilson is wearing a sling, suggesting that he will suffer a significant injury at some point in the film.

In addition, Liv Tyler, who will reprise her role as Betty Ross for Captain America 4, was also spotted at the cemetery shoot. 

Since Sam Wilson's Cap and Liv Tyler's Betty Ross are both present in this scene, it's likely that the character who passed away is a significant one with potential connections to them both. 

Who Won't Survive Captain America 4?

There are a few possibilities for whose burial the Captain America 4 cast is attending. 

While some may speculate that the funeral is for Thunderbolt Ross, especially given his daughter, Betty Ross' attendance, it's possible that Harrison Ford will continue playing the MCU's new President of the United States in Thunderbolts

If so, two other possibilities are Carl Lumbly's Isaiah Bradley, who is most definitely worthy of a military funeral and its honors, and potentially even Steve Rogers

After all, Steve Rogers has been MIA since Avengers: Endgame. And, since New World Order is a Captain America film, what better way to end his story as Sam begins his?

In regard to Sam, the choice to show him injured is an interesting one because, unlike Steve Rogers' Cap, Sam isn't a super soldier

However, given that he will need to be in fighting shape for most of the movie, it's likely that his injury occurs during the film's climax, meaning the cemetery scene probably takes place at the end of the third act. 

Since filming has only just begun on Captain America 4, fans can expect to learn more about the 2024 film in the weeks to come. 

Captain America: New World Order arrives in theaters on May 3, 2024.

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