Did Wyatt Russell Just Tease Chris Evans' Appearance In Falcon and the Winter Soldier?

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Captain America, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Marvel Studios is quickly gearing up for the final two episodes in its second Disney+ exclusive, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, with hype building by the day. While "Episode 4" may not have had a ton of action that advanced the plot, it housed some of the series' most emotional moments along with the most shocking moment in any entry yet.

One constant theme through each of the first four episodes has been continuing the legacy of Captain America after Steve Rogers retired in the closing moments of Avengers: Endgame. Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes have had their struggles living up to that mantle at different points in this story, especially as the U.S. Agent aka John Walker, played by Wyatt Russell, continues to turn heads in dramatic fashion wielding the shield.

Just as was rumored for WandaVision, the brilliant minds behind this show have teased a huge cameo in next week's episode that will be a tear-jerker for fans. Well, the man behind U.S. Agent may have just teased a big-name appearance...


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In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Wyatt Russell was asked if he had ever met Captain America actor Chris Evans as the interviewer joked about the meme-worthiness of an image of the two together.

Russell teased that he's only possibly "walked by him somewhere and made eye contact," but joked that it was in more of a "stalker" fashion. However, Russell then said that fans will have to "wait until the end of [The Falcon and the Winter Soldier]" for a potential answer about him and Evans meeting:

“Have I ever met Chris Evans? I think I have. I don’t think I’ve ‘shook his hand’ met him, but I think I’ve walked by him somewhere and made eye contact. That counts as being a stalker, that doesn’t count as meeting anybody. But, I guess it would. You just gotta wait until the end of the series and then everybody will be like, 'Oh, wow.’”


It should be made clear that Russell's quotes are very coy and are by no means a confirmation of Evans' appearance in the Disney+ series. However, if what Russell is implying turns out to actually be true, fans are in for quite the surprise in the next couple of weeks. 

Chris Evans was once thought to have finished his time with the MCU before recent reports teased a potential openness to return to the role of Steve Rogers. If there's any project that would lend itself to a smooth comeback, it would be one with Rogers' two closest allies through the Infinity Saga.

John Walker clearly created a difficult situation with his brutal murder of a Flag Smasher at the end of "Episode 4," and the recent trailer teases a confrontation with Sam and Bucky in one of the last two entries. With the future of Cap's shield in jeopardy at the moment, it seems like now would be as good a time as any for its original owner to give his own input.

Should Evans actually make an appearance in this show, it would likely be not much more than a cameo considering Cap's age and service status. However, whether it's five seconds or five minutes, Marvel Studios would have its standing ovation moment should Rogers make an appearance in Phase 4 of the MCU.

"Episode 5" of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will debut on Disney+ on Friday, April 16.

The full interview with Wyatt Russell can be seen below:


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March 19, 2021
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