Full Cast of Elsbeth Episode 9 - Every Main Characters & Actors (Photos)

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Elsbeth Carrie Preston and Arian Moayed

Succession and Spider-Man: No Way Home star Arian Moayed joins the cast of Elsbeth Episode 9 as an overzealous bartender. 

Episode 9, "Sweet Justice," pits Elsbeth and Kaya against a self-centered and much-obsessed killer who accidentally kills a different victim after he tries to seek revenge for his beloved crush. 

Elsbeth Episode 9 premiered on CBS on May 16. 

Every Main Cast Member of Elsbeth Episode 9

Carrie Preston - Elsbeth Tascioni

Carrie Preston as Elsbeth Tascioni in Elsbeth Episode 9
Carrie Preston

Carrie Preston leads the cast of Elsbeth Episode 9 as Elsbeth Tascioni. 

The latest episode sees Elsbeth deal with the usual two things she usually handles: a murder and her secret investigation tied to Captain Wagner.

While Elsbeth continues her streak of finding the main culprit in the murder, the episode ends with a major revelation that Wagner does not fully trust her and she appears to be heading back to Chicago. 

Preston has credits in True Blood and The Holdovers. The actress also reprises her role as Elsbeth Tascioni in The Good Wife and The Good Fight

Carra Patterson - Kaya Blanke

Carra Patterson as Officer Kaya Blanke in Elsbeth Episode 9
Carra Patterson

Carra Patterson's Officer Kaya Blanke returns to help Elsbeth in another case of the week in Episode 9. 

Officer Blanke, who is an aspiring detective, points out that she would understand that someone would attempt to kill the suspect's original target (Gemma) due to her attitude. 

Patterson previously appeared in The Arrangement, Straight Outta Compton, and Evil

Wendell Pierce - Captain Wagner

Wendell Pierce as Captain Wagner in Elsbeth Episode 9
Wendell Pierce

Wendell Pierce reprises his role as Captain Wagner, NYPD's strict yet cunning commander who Elsbeth is secretly investigating. 

In Episode 9, Captain Wagner finally learns the truth behind the allegations against him by the Department of Justice. It turns out that it was his Lieutenant, Dave Noonan, who had been using his name for illegal transactions. 

Wagner teams up with Elsbeth to catch Noonan in the act. At the end of the episode, Wagner drops a bombshell about letting Elsbeth go since he doesn't trust her after secretly spying on him for months. 

Fans may recognize Pierce for his roles in The Wire, Horrible Bosses, Selma, and The Money Pit.

Fredric Lehne - Lieutenant Dave Noonan

Fredric Lehne as Lieutenant Dave Noonan in Elsbeth Episode 9
Fredric Lehne

Fredric Lehne plays Lieutenant Dave Noonan, Captain Wagner's longtime friend who betrays him for money. 

Lieutenant Noonan is caught in the act in Episode 9 after a sting operation that led to his confession became successful. 

Lehne previously appeared in Westworld, Dexter: New Blood, and Dr. Death.

Audrey Corsa - Gemma Nelson

Audrey Corsa as Gemma Nelson in Elsbeth Episode 9
Audrey Corsa

Audrey Corsa stars as Gemma Nelson, a selfish and overbearing CEO who is awful in terms of her personality. 

One example of how difficult Gemma is to deal with is the fact that she even blames the victim (Jane) for her own death at her apartment.

She is also Joe's original target, but a house swap with her boyfriend's friend essentially saved her life.

Corsa's most recognizable role is playing Samantha Powell in All Rise. The actress also starred in Dear Edward, Poker Face, and New Amsterdam

Paulina Singer - Ivy Benson 

Paulina Singer as Ivy Benson in Elsbeth Episode 9
Paulina Singer

Paulina Singer joins the cast of Elsbeth Episode 9 as Ivy Benson, a writer whose dreams were shattered by her college roommate-turned-archenemy Gemma. 

Ivy, who is also Joe's crush, vents on him about her career mishap, and this one encounter ends up with a domino effect of events that leads to a tragic murder. 

Singer can be seen in Gotham, The Intern, and Person of Interest.

Arian Moayed - Joe Dillion

Arian Moayed as Joe Dillion in Elsbeth Episode 9
Arian Moayed

Arian Moayed guest stars as Joe Dillion in Elsbeth Episode 9. 

Joe is a lowly bartender (and a hero wannabe) who wants to showcase his own form of justice by helping customers who vent out their problems at his local bar. 

Joe goes too far in his commitment to do good since it leads to him murdering someone. 

Succession fans may recognize Moayed for his role as Stewy Hosseini in the series. The actor also has credits as Agent Cleary in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Todd in Inventing Anna

Danny Mastrogiorgio - Detective Smullen

Danny Mastrogiorgio as Detective Smullen in Elsbeth Episode 9
Danny Mastrogiorgio

Danny Mastrogiorgio is back as Detective Smullen after appearing in Episode 5 (remember the tennis fiasco/murder case? He was the investigator then). 

Detective Smullen leads the investigation alongside Elsbeth and Officer Blanke, with him pointing out that he believes that the main suspect is the victim's husband, Mason. 

Mastrogiorgio is best known for playing Detective Anthony Fucci in Instinct. The actor also has credits in Billions, The Affair, and Share.

Kelly AuCoin - Declan Armstrong

Kelly AuCoin as Declan Armstrong in Elsbeth Episode 9
Kelly AuCoin

Kelly AuCoin plays Declan Armstrong, Flair-All's CEO whom Noonan confronts during the sting operation designed to catch him. 

AuCoin is best known for his role as "Dollar" Bill Stearn in Billions. The actor can also be seen in Clipped and The Americans

Daniel Dale - Dion McClure

Daniel Dale as Dion McClure in Elsbeth Episode 9
Daniel Dale 

Daniel Dale is part of Elsbeth Episode 9's cast as Dion McClure, a barkeep-in-training who is being mentored by Joe. 

Dion tells Elsbeth about Joe's protective nature toward Ivy which led to his murderous act.

Dale's other major credits include The Vanishing Point and Y2K

Gloria Reuben - Claudia Payne 

Gloria Reuben as Claudia Payne in Elsbeth Episode 9
Gloria Reuben

Gloria Reuben returns in Episode 9 as Claudia Payne, Captain Wagner's wife. 

It is revealed that Claudia has been in cahoots with Lieutenant Noonan this whole time, manipulating Wagner for her own financial gain.

Reuben has over 80 credits to her name, including roles in Lincoln, Falling Skies, Mr. Robot, and Admission

Brett Bartholomew - Mason Dunhill 

Brett Bartholomew as Mason Dunhill in Elsbeth Episode 9
Brett Bartholomew

Brett Bartholomew appears as Mason Dunhill, the victim's husband who is being blamed for her death (he is not the suspect). 

Mason is interrogated by the NYPD and this is where he spills the tea on how amazing his wife is. 

Bartholomew's notable credits include FBI: Most Wanted, Poker Face, and The Punisher.

Danny McCarthy - Agent Fred Celentano 

Danny McCarthy as Agent Fred Celentano in Elsbeth Episode 9
Danny McCarthy

Danny McCarthy's Agent Fred Celentano of the Department of Justice returns in Episode 9 to remind Elsbeth about her undercover work with regard to spying on Captain Wagner. 

However, Elsbeth and Wagner are now working together to catch the real culprit.

McCarthy can be seen in Somebody Somewhere, Good One, and Stronger.

The Season 1 finale of Elsbeth will premiere next Thursday on CBS at 9 p.m. ET.  The episode can also be streamed on Paramount+ with Showtime.

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