Disney's Elemental: Ember Actress Thought She Blew Her Audition Due to Crying Issue

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The voice of Ember in Pixar’s most recent film, Elemental, thought she bombed her audition due to not being able to cry.

Pixar and Disney's latest animated feature is getting another wave of attention now that it’s available on Disney+. Though, the project sure did take its time getting to the streaming service—it didn’t debut until 89 days after it hit theaters worldwide on June 16.

Many will be checking out Elemental for the first time now that it’s streaming at home.

While the film had “a disappointing opening weekend” according to a Disney press release, the movie found more of an audience as time went on. This will likely remain true as it becomes available to a wider audience.

Leah Lewis Thought She Screwed Up Her Audition

Elemental Ember

In an interview with VPro Cinema, Elemental star Leah Lewis, who plays Ember Lumen in the movie, revealed that she thought she bombed her initial audition for the role.

Lewis remarked that since she "was in [her] family house" during her audition, she "couldn't cry:"

"There was a point in my audition that I had to cry, but because I was in my family house, I couldn't cry. I was just too—it was like too much. I was like, 'Oh my God I blew. Like I didn't book this job.' And then, I got the call back later on but I was like apologizing to him, I'm like, 'I'm so sorry for whatever reason  I'm in my family's house right now and It's all too much and I can't cry.' It was pretty funny though."

The actress admitted she did eventually "watch [Elemental] with [her family] and they did cry. And [she] cried too, 'cause they were crying."

While speaking with Collider in a separate conversation, Lewis revealed some more information about the "really shocking" process of auditioning for Elemental:

"The process to even audition, that was really shocking. I think it was so surreal that I like wasn't as nervous, because I was like, 'This can't be true. Like this isn't actually happening.' But then after the six hour audition in-person, after talking with [director] Peter [Sohn] on Zoom and doing all the different rounds, they told me at the end of my audition [that I got the part]. And that was like I felt punked because they said, 'Okay, great job today on your audition, and, by the way, we'd love to offer you the role of Ember Lumen.'"

What Is Next for Pixar's Elemental?

While Leah Lewis might have had trouble getting those tears for the audition, she did a fantastic job for the final product. A no point did it ever feel like Lumen was emotionless—so clearly Pixar saw something in her.

So, what’s next for Elemental?

A recent report suggested that not only will the original film be getting a proper sequel, but a spin-off television show might make its way to Disney+. So, while some thought this particular Pixar entry would come and go given its lackluster reception, that might not be the case at all.

The world created by Elemental offers plenty of room for further story exploration. While the city itself is great, audiences could be interested in exploring what’s beyond.

Furthermore, what are the native lands of elements such as Ember Lumen’s parents like? How do these element’s homelands differ from both each other and the the city itself?

Then, of course, a sequel could always add more elements to the table—like how Inside Out 2 will introduce new emotions.

Elemental is now streaming on Disney+.

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