Will Dr. Death Season 3 Happen? Producer Shares Blunt Response

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Dr. Death

Dr. Death producer Ashley Michel Hoban told fans where the Peacock show stands regarding returning for Season 3.

Based on Wondery's 2018 true crime podcast of the same name, Dr. Death shows a dramatized look at the stories of two real-world murders, with Season 1 focusing on neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch and Season 2 highlighting surgeon/medical researcher Paolo Macchiarini.

Duntsch was featured in Season 1 of both the Peacock show and the original podcast while Macchiarini was the subject of the podcast's Season 3, leaving many fans wondering if the Dr. Death TV series has more in store soon.

Will Dr. Death Season 3 Ever Happen?

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Dr. Death producer Ashley Michel Hoban updated fans on whether to expect a Season 3 for the streaming series in a recent interview with Film Gordon on YouTube.

Upon Gordon noting he was looking forward to Dr. Death Season 3, Hoban simply responded by urging fans to "tune in" and watch Season 2 on its December 21 debut date:

"That’s right. Everybody should watch…tune in, December 21."

In a separate interview with Bonnie Laufer, executive producer Patrick Macmanus explained how one of the biggest questions studios had during pitch meetings was, "How are you going to do multiple seasons?" 

For Macmanus, the goal for each new addition to the series to stand out on their own rather than fans feeling forced to look at the series in its entirety:

"When we first pitched this show back in 2018 to try to find a buyer, one of the questions asked was ‘How are you going to do multiple seasons?’ And I said beyond the fact that there are, unfortunately, multiple stories out there to be mined, the goal was always for each season to sort of stand on its own. If you took the name off of it and you showed them, they would feel similar enough, but you would feel the stories, the characters, and, even I always talk about it, the cinema also feels really different, so they can absolutely stand on their own."

Will Season 3 of Dr. Death Happen?

After Season 1 and Season 2 performed well on Rotten Tomatoes (averaging 93% and 80% Tomatometer ratings respectively), it would not be shocking to see Dr. Death continue with a third season on Peacock.

As for the story Season 3 could tell, the original Dr. Death podcast had four seasons produced in total, meaning that the next Peacock season could tackle either Season 2 or Season 4 of the podcast.

Season 2's story tackled the death of hematologist/oncologist Farid Fata, who was convicted of prescribing chemotherapy to patients who were not diagnosed with cancer or who didn't need the process. He also pled guilty to charges of healthcare fraud and money laundering before his death.

Only just released in December 2023 (per The Wrap), Season 4 then highlighted Dr. Serhat Gumrukcu, who claimed to be close to curing cancer and HIV as his biotech company reported massive sales numbers. 

Now, fans will wait to find out just how well Season 2 performed in terms of viewership and ratings as the anticipation for a potential Season 3 builds.

Dr. Death Season 1 and Season 2 are available to stream in full on Peacock.

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