Full Cast of Dr. Death Season 2- Every Main Actor & Character Who Appears (Photos)

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Dr. Death Édgar Ramírez, Mandy Moore, Luke Kirby

Point Break actor Édgar Ramírez leads the cast of Dr. Death Season 2 on Peacock.

Dr. Death returns for its sophomore run as it explores the rise and fall of Dr. Paolo Macchiarini (Édgar Ramírez) and how his ex-fiancé and journalist Benita Alexander uncovers the terrifying truth about his personal and professional life.

Dr. Death Season 2 premiered on Peacock on Thursday, December 21.

Every Main Actor in Dr. Death Season 2

Édgar Ramírez - Paolo Macchiarini

Édgar Ramírez as Paolo Macchiarini Dr Death

Édgar Ramírez portrays Paolo Macchiarini, a real-life Swiss-Italian surgeon who gets exposed for being a medical fraud. 

In 2011, Macchiarini received widespread acclaim after introducing his synthetic trachea transplants at Sweden's Karolinska University Hospital. 

It was eventually unveiled that many of his patients who received the plastic organs later died, thus prompting an investigation. 

Aside from being a fraud in his field, it was later unearthed that Macchiarini also has another family in Barcelona, Spain despite being engaged to journalist Benita Alexander.

Ramírez is best known for his roles in Point Break, Gold, Deliver Us From Evil, and Domino.

Mandy Moore - Benita Alexander

Mandy Moore as Benita Alexander Dr Death

Mandy Moore brings Benita Alexander to life in Dr. Death Season 2.

Alexander is a journalist who gets romantically entangled with Dr. Paolo Macchiarini after she gets assigned to a special documentary involving the surgeon and regenerative medicine. 

Alexander's journalistic instincts kick in once she unravels the ugly truth about Macchiarini. 

Moore's most notable role is playing Jamie Sullivan in A Walk to Remember. The actress also appeared in Saved!, Chasing Liberty, and This Is Us.

Luke Kirby - Dr. Nathan Gamelli

Luke Kirby as Dr. Nathan Gamelli Dr Death

Dr. Nathan Gamelli (played by Luke Kirby) is Dr. Paolo Macchiarini's colleague who is not a fan of his claims about creating plastic organs for his patients. 

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel fans may recognize Kirby for his role as Lenny Bruce in the series. The actor also has credits in Halloween: Resurrection, Mambo Italiano, and Take This Waltz.

Ashley Madekwe - Dr. Ana Lasbrey

Ashley Madekwe as Dr. Ana Lasbrey Dr Death

Dr. Ana Lasbrey is one of the doctors who are eager to join Dr. Paolo Macchiarini's team after learning about his groundbreaking discovery. The character is played by Ashley Madekwe.

In Dr. Death, Lasbrey is naive about the fact that Macchiarini's plastic organs are failing, with her even telling her colleagues to not make the doctor's rat research results public after all of his test subjects died.

Madekwe previously appeared in The Umbrella Academy, County Lines, and Salem.

Gustaf Hammarsten - Dr. Anders Svensson

Gustaf Hammarsten as Dr. Anders Svensson Dr Death

Gustaf Hammarsten plays Dr. Anders Svensson, another doctor from the Karolinska Institute who initially joins Macchiarini's team. 

At the end of Episode 2, Svensson is the one who finds out that the lab rats that received the plastic windpipes all died, eventually leading to an intense confrontation with Dr. Ana Lasbrey. 

Hammarsten is known for his roles in The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, Old, and Thunder in My Heart.

Judy Reyes - Amy

Judy Reyes as Amy Dr Death

Amy (played by Judy Reyes) is Benita Alexander's friend and fellow journalist who supports her investigation and real-life ordeal with Dr. Paolo Macchiarini. 

Scrubs fans may recognize Reyes for her role as Nurse Carla Espinosa in the series. The actress also appeared in Smile, The Circle, and Devious Maids.

Celestina Harris - Lizzie

Celestina Harris as Lizzie Dr Death

Lizzie is Benita Alexander's only daughter who doesn't trust the fact that Dr. Paolo Macchiarini is her mom's fiancé. The character is played on-screen by Celestina Harris.

Harris is a rising star known for her roles in Special Ops: Lioness, Yuletide the Knot, and Angelina.

Jack Davenport - Nils Headley

Jack Davenport as Nils Headley Dr Death

Jack Davenport joins the cast of Dr. Death Season 2 as Nils Headley. 

Headley is the head doctor of the Karolinska Institute who will do anything to win the Nobel Prize for the medical university. 

Pirates of the Caribbean fans may recognize Davenport for his role as Norrington. The actor also appeared in The Talented Mr. Ripley, Why Women Kill, and Ten Percent.

Annika Boras

Annika Boras Dr Death

Annika Boras is part of the stellar cast of Dr. Death Season 2. 

Perhaps Boras' most recognizable role is playing Anna Newman on Succession. The actress also has credits in Lights Out, The Following, and Unforgettable.

Sandra Andreis

Sandra Andreis Dr Death

Another member of Dr. Death Season 2's cast is Swedish-Italian actress Sandra Andreis.

Andreis previously appeared in Snabba Cash, We Got This, and The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo

Rita Volk

Rita Volk Dr. Death

Rita Volk joins the cast of Peacock's crime series. 

Volk is known for her roles in Faking IT, Major Crimes, and Condor.

Dr. Death Season 2 is now streaming on Peacock.

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