Disneyland Just Teased a New Frozen Land In the U.S.

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When it comes to theme park ambitions for Frozen, Disney just won't let it go. 

Disney Parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro and other members of the Disney brass have continually referenced Frozen when discussing DisneylandForward, a proposal to utilize preexisting property for new theme park experiences. 

But new official comments coupled with recent theme park developments suggest Arendelle may soon have an Anaheim address. 

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Disney's Latest Frozen Land Tease 

Hong Kong Disneyland's Frozen Land

Following the Anaheim City Council's vote of approval for DisneylandForward on April 17, Josh D'Amaro named Frozen amongst its familiar list of franchises for the company's planned $60 billion theme park investment, $1.9 billion of which is earmarked for the Disneyland Resort.

Hong Kong Disneyland's Frozen Land

In talking with The Hollywood Reporter, the Disney Parks Chairman mentioned, "We haven't told any stories on Frozen, although it's a 10-year-old franchise:"

“We will have enough room to build the equivalent of another Disneyland Park. And so then you start to think about, ‘Well what can we do here?’ We haven’t told anything, any stories on Wakanda. We haven’t told any stories on 'Frozen', although it’s a 10-year old franchise. You think about franchises like 'Coco' and 'Encanto'. We almost have an endless stream of stories that we can tell.”

What D'Amaro likely meant is that Disney hasn't told any Frozen stories in Southern California, as the company has been actively constructing Frozen-inspired lands and rides in other corners of the globe. 

Elsa at Hong Kong Disneyland's Frozen Ever After

Since Walt Disney World opened its Frozen Ever After (which is a ride, not a land) at EPCOT in 2016, Disney Imagineering has become even more Frozen-focused.

Hong Kong Disneyland just opened a World of Frozen last November, and a Frozen Kingdom land is set to open with Tokyo DisneySea's Fantasy Springs in June.

Hong Kong Disneyland's Frozen Land

Still, that's not all. 

Disneyland Paris is currently constructing its own immersive World of Frozen at the newly named Disney Adventure World Park. 

Hong Kong Disneyland's Frozen Land Ride

Once it does, the Disneyland Resort will be one of the company's few remaining destinations without a permanent Frozen experience. 

Given that surprising fact with Josh D'Amaro's latest tease, Disneyland gaining the U.S.'s first full-fledged Frozen land is more likely than ever. 

More Evidence for Disneyland's Frozen Land

Disney Frozen Land Concept Art

It's important to note that Frozen isn't the only franchise Disney continuously namedrops for Disneyland's expansion plans. 

Both Disney CEO Bob Iger and Josh D'Amaro have teased Black Panther's Wakanda as a possibility, as well as Encanto, Coco, and Zootopia

However, according to the Orange County Register, Frozen-themed lands like Hong Kong Disneyland's and Tokyo DisneySea's have been mentioned the most for DisneylandForward. 

Also, while Iger has greenlit various animated sequels since his late 2022 return, including Moana and Zootopia, Frozen is the only film with a third and fourth film in the works. 

The 2013 blockbuster also landed among the top 10 most streamed movies of 2023 and was the only decade-old animated film on the list to do so. 

When Will Disney Announce a New Frozen Land?

Bob Iger and Josh D'Amaro at Hong Kong Disneyland's World of Frozen

Bob Iger and Josh D'Amaro could trade their teases for official announcements in the coming weeks and months. 

DisneylandForward's final vote is set to be held on May 7, which also happens to be the date of the Walt Disney Company's Quarter 2 earnings call. 

It's possible that Iger announces something on that date or in the days after. 

Still, the best and safest bets for major park announcements, including a Frozen land in the U.S., is at D23 in August.

Frozen and Frozen 2 is available to stream on Disney+.

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