Disney's Real-Life Wakanda Land Development Gets Promising Update

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Disneyland Wakanda, Black Panther

Disneyland fans may be able to visit Wakanda soon. 

Concept art for the Disneyland Resort's proposed expansion, part of a public planning effort known as DisneylandForward, first caught the MCU fanbase's eye in 2021 when theme park concept art showed Black Panther's Mount Bashenga

Since then, Disney repeatedly expressed interest in bringing Wakanda to life; now, a new vote just made the chance of a Black Panther theme park experience all the more likely. 

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New Approval For Disneyland's Expansion Plans

Wakanda Expansion Disney land
From the DisneylandForward Concept Art

On April 17, the Anaheim City Council voted to approve DisneylandForward, requiring Disney to invest at least $1.9 billion in parks, lodging, and entertainment - including a potential Wakanda theme park land - around its existing parks. 

While Disney still has a few hurdles to clear, including a procedural vote on May 7, the Anaheim City Council's approval is promising and a huge step forward. 

It is important to note that Disney has not formally announced plans to build Wakanda or a Black Panther experience.

To date, a new Avatar land based on 2022's Avatar: The Way of Water is the only project confirmed to be developed for DisneylandForward or the preexisting parks. 

Disney concept art for new Avatar theme park land

However, in addition to Disney Parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro hinting at plans for Wakanda, Rachel Alde, Disney's senior vice president of global development and finance (and via the AP) referenced Wakanda as one of the "stories we would love to tell:"

"We know there are stories out there we haven’t told yet, like ‘Wakanda’ or 'Coco' or 'Frozen' or 'Zootopia.' We know what kind of stories we would love to tell. We need to get the guidance on what we can build there so we can understand how."

Also, the Disneyland Resort is the only stateside destination legally able to host a Marvel theme park land or ride due to a contract barring Disney World from using Marvel characters

This is not Disneyland's first time attempting to bring Wakanda into its parks either.

The original plan for Avengers Campus' signature attraction at Disney California Adventure involved a battle in Wakanda before being swapped out for a King Thanos Multiverse concept.

Disney's original Avengers Campus ride concept art

Also, to celebrate the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in 2022, Avengers Campus introduced Wakandan-inspired fare, new characters, and additional themed spaces. 

When To Expect Disneyland's Wakanda Announcement?

While, again, Disney hasn't officially announced or confirmed plans for a Wakanda at either of its existing parks or for DisneylandForward, that could soon change. 

With approval for DisneylandForward approaching the finish line, Disney may begin revealing more of the company's concrete plans.

In fact, during the Anaheim City Council meeting, Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock (via KTLA) revealed that the resort is "committed to starting right away."

The best chance for an official announcement is likely D23 this August when Disney traditionally announces its upcoming slate of new attractions, parks, and experiences.

In 2022, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige took to the D23 stage to announce that King Thanos ride for Avengers Campus. Perhaps, this year, he will not just return to discuss a new ride but rather a new land.

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