Disney+ Shuts Out Iron Fist From New Marvel-Heavy Trailer

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Iron Fist Disney Plus Absent

The Netflix Marvel shows (including Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist) have been the talk of the MCU town as of late. This comes despite the last season of any of these titles hitting the service nearly three years ago. This is all thanks to Disney, as the House of Mouse announced these Marvel television offerings would be coming to Disney+ in March

It feels as though Marvel Studios has a plan for some of these characters to be a big part of the MCU going forward, but maybe not for others. Daredevil's Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio have already made the transition into 100% certainly canon projects, but it is still unknown if these are the same versions of these charters audiences saw over on Netflix. 

There seem to be priorities with getting a number of these characters into the MCU. And if a new promo is any indication, one can tell what heroes from Netflix have Marvel Studios' eye compared to others. 

Ruling Without an Iron Fist

Marvel Disney Plus Neftlic Defenders

A new promotional video tweeted by the official Disney+ Twitter account highlighted the Netflix Marvel shows coming to the service later in March 2021; however, the short promo seems to showcase every one of the core Netflix heroes except Iron Fist. 

Any footage from Iron Fist is noticeably absent in the look ahead, along with peaks at The Defenders and The Punisher. Finn Jones' Iron Fist, though, is the only one of the four core Netflix heroes to be left out of the fun. 

See the full video below:


Where is Iron Fist?

Now fans of Iron Fist should not worry, as the show is still coming to Disney+ just like its brothers and sisters. However, since Iron Fist first debuted back in 2017, the show built a bit of a bad reputation amongst both fans and Marvel brass

Even the show's crew has spoken out against it, so it does make a little sense that it is featured in the above video. In a promo where Disney is trying to ramp up anticipation for the various titles coming to the service, Iron Fist is not going to have the masses hooting and hollering quite like Daredevil or Jessica Jones. 

It could also point to what Marvel Studios may be thinking when it comes to what to do with these Netflix characters. It is already well known that Kevin Feige and co. have plans for Charlie Cox's Daredevil, and it would not be all that surprising if they were to bring back names like Mike Colter (Luke Cage) or Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones) for a proper MCU return. 

But it may be a different story for Iron Fist. Things might have been different if Marvel Studios didn't have Shang-Chi covering that world of kung-fu. And yes, these two characters have their differences. But if that were the reason for Danny Rand/Iron Fist not to come back, that logic would not be hard to follow. 

The Marvel Netflix projects have always been counted as second-class citizens by fans. This had nothing to do with the varying quality of the series, but more so their questionable status when it came to the MCU canon. With the six core shows (including The Defenders and The Punisherfinally arriving on Disney's own streaming service, that question of canonicity has elevated to another level. 

Marvel's entire Netflix catalog, including Iron Fist, comes to Disney+ on March 16.

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