Disney Announces Its Answer to 'Pokemon Go' With New Marvel Game

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Marvel has been revealing many incredible mobile games over the past few years, including but not limited to Marvel Strike Force, Marvel Future Revolution, and Marvel Contest of Champions.  However, none of them have maximized the use of augmented reality, similar to what Niantic's Pokemon Go did. 

Pokemon Go is a memorable game due to the fact that it swept the globe when it launched in 2016. The mobile AR game pushed players to explore the real world by catching Pokemon in different locations, while also allowing them to unlock equipment and abilities during their playthrough. 

Now, it looks appears Niantic will look to similarly maximize the Marvel brand in its brand new offering. 

A New Marvel Game Rivals Pokemon Go

During the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase at this year's D23 Expo, Disney officially announced Marvel World of Heroes, a new location-based game from the developers of Pokemon Go, Niantic. 

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Set to launch in 2023, Marvel World of Heroes allows players to create their own superhero identity and origin story, giving them a chance to "patrol their neighborhoods" and complete missions. 

As players level up, the game will give them a chance to team up with Marvel heroes like Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America to "save the Multiverse" from different threats. 

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The full description can be seen below:

"In MARVEL World of Heroes, players can create their own unique Super Hero identity and origin story. Players will need to patrol their neighborhoods to foil crimes, complete Super Hero missions, and thwart interdimensional threats. As players level up, they will unlock equipment and abilities, and will team up with Marvel Super Heroes such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America and others to battle iconic Super Villains and save the Multiverse from cosmic and earthbound threats.

MARVEL World of Heroes is scheduled to launch globally in 2023."

Fans can check out the trailer here: 

Why Marvel World of Heroes is a Solid Win 

It seems that Marvel wants to emulate what Pokemon Go did in 2016 due to this latest reveal. 

Pokemon Go allowed players to become their own version of Pokemon trainers, and now, this Marvel AR game would give them a chance to become superheroes. 

It is unknown what other unlockables will be included, but it's possible that Marvel World of Heroes will give players the opportunity to wield iconic weapons such as Thor's Mjolnir and Captain America's shield. 

Moreover, the fact that players will be teaming up with Marvel heroes is an added bonus, and it is intriguing to find out how the likes of Wolverine and Spider-Man will show up to battle alongside them. 

As for the roster that will be included, Marvel could end up showcasing every comic book superhero, but players will likely need to gain access to them by overcoming different levels or challenges. 

Given the emphasis on heroes, this could indicate that players won't be given the opportunity to play as villains. Instead, these villains are poised to become the nemeses that they have to beat in order to gain the unlockables. 

For now, players can pre-register on World of Heroes' official website to learn more about its release date and potentially gain early access.

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