Full Cast of Die Hart 2: Die Harter - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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While Die Hart 2: Die Harter may sound like a fake movie title, not only is it real, but some big names are attached to the cast of Amazon Studios’ latest Prime Video release.

The Die Hart franchise has been an incredibly meta, self-indulgent comedy about an exaggerated (or maybe not) version of Kevin Hart as he tries to become an action star instead of just being known as a joke. 

With the second installment, everything gets crazier to the point that his life is threatened by those once close to him.

The Cast of Die Hart 2: Die Harter

Kevin Hart - Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart as Kevin Hart in Die Hart 2

Fittingly, Kevin Hart plays himself in the movie, playing on his namesake for the movie's title. The first film saw Hart learn how to be an action star. Now, it’s time for the celebrity to get the big action movie he’s always wanted.

As many would guess, it’s not so easy. The actor unwittingly falls into a vengeful plot against his life for his past sins.

Fans can also spot Hart in Central Intelligence, LIFT, and the upcoming Borderlands film.

Nathalie Emmanuel - Jordan King

Nathalie Emmanuel as Jordan King in Die Hart 2

Nathalie Emmanuel plays Jordan King, a longtime co-star of Kevin Hart’s who gets pulled into the impromptu and lethal real-life action “film” they are starring in. She tends to have little patience for Hart’s antics, though she pushes him to improve.

Many will know Emmanuel from her time in Game of Thrones, but she was also in the recent Lionsgate movie Arthur the King.

John Cena - Mr. 206

John Cena as Mr. 206 in Die Hart 2

Mr. 206, played by the hilarious and buff John Cena, is a world-renowned stunt performer to whom Kevin goes in hopes of surviving the situation he finds himself in. The actor not only gets to ham it up for his time on screen, but Cena even gets to hear a massive white wig.

While Cena was previously known for his work in Wrestling, he has also appeared in The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker, Bumblebee, and F9: The Fast Saga.

Ben Schwartz - Andre

Ben Schwartz as Andre in Die Hart 2

The loveable and goofy Ben Schwartz plays Andre, the fictional Kevin Hart’s assistant. Like his father before him, he’ll do anything to help the celebrities in his care.

Some of Schwartz’s biggest projects in the past include Parks and Recreation, Sonic the Hedgehog, and The Afterparty.

Paula Pell - Cynthia

Paula Pell as Cynthia in Die Hart 2

Cynthia, played by Paula Pell, is the highly overprotective, caring, and loudly affectionate mother of Ben Schwartz’s Andre. Like her son, she’s a big fan of Kevin Hart, so she’s happy to help when needed.

Pell is well known for her work writing on Saturday Night Live, but her voice acting talents can be heard in Inside Out and will be featured in the upcoming Cat in the Hat film.

Greg Kriek - The Swede

Greg Kriek as The Swede in Die Hart 2

Greg Kriek is The Swede, who seems interested in Kevin Hart’s action movie. He may be part of a bigger plan the actor isn’t privy to.

Kriek most recently appeared in Netflix's Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire and will be in Fly Me to the Moon later this year.

Melissa Ponzio - Debra Simon

Melissa Ponzio as Debra Simon in Die Hart 2

Debra Simon, played by Melissa Ponzio, is from a big studio and has the honor of being one of the first people Kevin Hart pitches his big action movie to. Needless to say, it doesn’t go down like he hopes, which is a realization that propels him into a uniquely dangerous situation.

Ponzio has also starred in Chicago Fire, Teen Wolf, and Thunder Force.

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