Denzel Washington Rejected Big Marvel Role for 2025 Movie, Claims Rumor

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Denzel Washington Marvel Avengers

According to a new rumor, Denzel Washington just turned down a major role in one of Marvel Studios' biggest upcoming films.

Washington is one of the most famous actors working in the business.

Some of his most famous works include The Book of EliTraining Day, and Fences. Most recently, the actor starred in The Tragedy of Macbeth, and he headlines the third Equalizer installment just around the corner.

But what's his next big thing?

Well, now those pesky Fantastic Four casting rumors have uttered his name, and fans might be able to rule out at least one project he won't be doing.

Denzel Washington Denies Fantastic Four?

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According to industry scooper Grace Randolph, Denzel Washington turned down Marvel Studios' offer to play an MCU supervillain in 2025's Fantastic Four reboot.

Washington supposedly declined the opportunity to play the iconic Marvel villain Galactus in the Matt Shakman-directed film.

A separate rumor from scooper MyTimeToShine claimed that Marvel Studios is in talks with Antonio Banderas to bring the world-devourer to the big screen.

It's important to note that Randolph's track record is hit or miss, so there's no telling how accurate this is. Neither Marvel nor Disney commented on either rumor.

Will Marvel Be In Denzel Washington's Future?

It's been rumored that Galactus will be the big bad of Marvel Studios' upcoming Fantastic Four reboot for quite some time. Whispers even indicate that the dangerous force of nature will even bring along a new herald.

While it's sad someone of Washington's talents might not be a part of the film, there are plenty of other Marvel roles he could nab in the future. He could bring this generation's Professor X or Magneto to life or put on his own super suit and become the cosmic hero Blue Marvel.

Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan even admitted that he has "some ideas" for where Washington could utilize his talents in the MCU. But Marvel isn't the only one with possible openings for Washington in the future.

With James Gunn rebooting the DCU, the opportunities are endless. Many fans are quick to label the actor as the perfect Lucius Fox in a Batman project or even a fitting choice to give a rebooted Darkseid his voice.

One day or another, the actor will almost certainly join one of these beloved universes. It's just a matter of time.

Marvel Studios' next adventure, The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 hits theaters on May 5. The Fantastic Four reboot lands on February 14, 2025.

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