Deadpool 3's X-Men Villain Rumor Debunked by New Report

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Emma Corrin's casting as an unnamed character in Deadpool 3 led many to believe that they are playing the film's villain, and a new report indicated which X-Men villain they will not end up portraying. 

The anticipation for Deadpool 3 has sky-rocketed ever since Ryan Reynolds announced Hugh Jackman's involvement. Although marketing has yet to begin, speculation about the threequel's villain has become rampant. 

A casting grid previously revealed that Deadpool 3 is looking for a female villain described as "a foe to Deadpool and Wolverine."

Deadpool 3 Actress Won't Be Playing this X-Men Villain

Emma Corrin, The Crown

After Ryan Reynolds announced that Emma Corrin would be joining him and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3, new details emerged about the actress' character in the threequel. 

Deadline's Justin Kroll shared that Corrin would not be portraying X-Men villain Danger in Deadpool 3


This comes after widespread speculation that the actress would play the Marvel villain. 

In Marvel Comics, Danger served as the physical manifestation of the software program used to power the Danger Room, the training room of the X-Men. 

Which X-Men Villain Will Emma Corrin Play in Deadpool 3?

Given this report debunked that Emma Corrin is not playing Danger in Deadpool 3, this opens up many exciting character possibilities for the actress. 

Among the formidable female X-Men villains, Corrin could end up playing Lady Deathstrike. Although the character already appeared in live-action before (Kelly Hu portrayed the villain in X2: X-Men United), a fresh take on the villain would still be a welcome sight for the MCU. 

In Marvel Comics, Lady Deathstrike has a deep hatred for Wolverine, with the character possessing various superhuman abilities alongside nails laced with adamantium. 

The X-Men villain already had numerous bouts with Wolverine and Deadpool in the comics, and seeing it in live-action could lead to many exciting action sequences.

On the flip side, other X-Men characters Corrin could portray is Wanda Wilson a.k.a. Lady Deadpool or Spiral, a six-armed sorceress. 

Deadpool 3 is set to premiere in theaters on November 8, 2024.

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