Deadpool 3: First Details on New Villain Revealed (Rumor)

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Deadpool 3 villain

The adversary of Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine's new upcoming MCU threequel may have just gotten new details.

One of the juiciest rumors of late regarding Deadpool 3 is that it will feature Owen Wilson's Mobius from Loki. Not only could he be in it, but he could have "a big role."

However, his involvement means the Time Variance Authority is a part of the story, which in turn indicates that the anticipated follow-up will be a Multiverse-spanning tale.

With that in mind, the possibilities for potential villains could be endless. Now, some new information could narrow it down, if only by a little. 

New Details on MCU Deadpool's Villain

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Insider Daniel Richtman shared some potential details on who the villain will be in Deadpool 3.

According to the grid, the movie is casting a "FEMALE VILLAIN" aged in her 30s, 40s, or 50s. This female adversary is reportedly a "lead" who is "a foe to Deadpool and Wolverine."

Additionally, the production is also looking for a "MALE LEAD" who is a "BIPOC" (Black Indigenous Persons of Color) who would be a "leading man but not a suit." They "want a strong actor... [who] could [also] have comedy." The grid added that this character "will have scenes with Ryan [Reynolds] and Hugh [Jackman]."

This information comes from a casting grid and is not confirmed by Marvel or Disney, so it remains a rumor.

Who Will Deadpool 3's Female Villain Be?

Murphy's Multiverse posed the theory that it could be Danger, who is the robotic personification of the X-Men's classic training room. The outlet made this educated guess based on the comic issue (which heavily features the character) Reynolds can be seen reading on the toilet in Hugh Jackman's announcement video.

Another good guess could be Lady Deadpool. With it potentially being a Multiversal romp, introducing her could be a great foil to both Wade Wilson and Wolverine. That's not to even mention all the Loki jokes they could make.

An additional option people have floated would be Lady Deathstrike, who has sharp blades as her fingertips. She's an old villain of Wolverine's who feels that the hero doesn't deserve to wield the adamantium he has. This character was actually first seen in X2, but there'd be nothing stopping them from reinventing her.

One completely out-there theory could be a grown-up X-23, originally played by Dafne Keen. Maybe something happened to this version of the character that turned her against Logan.

Though, it's previously been stated that they don't intend to mess with what Logan achieved—so that might be enough to eliminate at least one option.

Deadpool 3 is currently slated to arrive in theaters on September 6, 2024.

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