Marvel Studios' Deadpool 3 Gains Unsurprising Cast Member

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It seems that Ryan Reynold’s Wade Wilson will be inviting another returning friend for his third outing as Deadpool.

The highly anticipated, Shawn Levy-directed return of Deadpool already started to fill out its cast.

Of course, the biggest addition was Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, whose involvement blew away fans when it was announced last September.

Some rumors even suggested that Loki’s Mobius and Miss Minutes, respectively played by Owen Wilson and Tara Strong, will somehow be a part of Wade Wilson’s shenanigans.

Most recently, Succession’s Matthew Macfadyen came aboard the upcoming MCU action-comedy. Per normal Marvel standards, however, no information was given about who he’d be playing.

Deadpool 3 Hires a Taxi Driver

A new report from Deadline revealed that a new actor is now confirmed to return for Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3.

Karan Soni, who played Dopinder in the previous Deadpool films, will be coming back for another round.

Karan Soni, Dopinder, Deadpool

He’ll be joining Leslie Uggams’ Blind Al, who was already all-but-confirmed to be a part of the project last year.

Leslie Uggams, Blind Al, Deadpool

What Will Dopinder Be Up To?

The actor did previously reveal that prior to Disney’s big purchase, he had “signed up for four movies.” But, when it comes to Disney, he hadn’t heard anything—though Soni “hope[s] [he] get[s] to come back.”

It’s no surprise to see Dopinder joining the third film. Ryan Reynolds gets to throw another mayhem-filled party once again. So, of course, he’s going to invite all of his friends.

The real question is if Dopinder is going to interact with either Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine or the rumored Multiverse storyline.

If he does come close to time travel and world-hopping, it could go one of two ways.

Audiences might get a fun jokey sidekick character to play off the titular character’s new dynamic duo, or perhaps Dopinder and his whole timeline falls victim to an Incursion. Admittedly, that would be pretty bleak.

Deadpool 3 is set to hit theaters worldwide on November 8, 2024. 

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