Deadpool 3 Director Rumors Heat Up With New Comments From Stranger Things Producer

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Marvel Studios has plenty of exciting projects on the go right now, but fans are still eager for a new Deadpool movie. Now that Disney has acquired Fox it officially brings the Merc with a Mouth under the Marvel Studios umbrella, which could make his next film the most exciting yet. 

Deadpool 3 has been forming the background for a while now. Wade Wilson actor Ryan Reynolds has been clear about his interest in doing a third movie and late last year a writing team was formed to pen the script

While news about Deadpool's third outing is scarce, Reynolds has said the film is in active development, but it's still missing a few key pieces of the puzzle. One, in particular, is a director.


Shawn Levy

Director Shawn Levy has been doing the press rounds recently for the release of his new film Free Guy, which also happens to star Ryan Reynolds.

Interestingly, in an interview with Inverse, Levy gave an intriguing response when asked whether he could potentially direct Deadpool 3 or was interested in working with Marvel. The director tried to skirt the question but did confirm he was a "massive fan of Deadpool":

"I'm going to mostly skirt that question, which might be an answer. I'll answer the last part of it, which is: I'm a fan. I'm a fan of Deadpool, like a massive fan.

Levy said he was particularly a fan of the way filmmakers can "express their own voice and vision" in the Marvel Universe:

And I'm a fan of the Marvel Universe and the way in which increasingly, individual filmmakers of real note can make and express with their own voice and vision through that franchise behemoth, whether it's what Taika did with Ragnarok, what Eternals is going to be, what James Gunn did with Guardians. These are real films that also happen to be Marvel movies.

Levy said he would only sign up for "the right title":

So for the right title — because I only raised my hand on stuff where I know what to do with that, and there's a few where I feel I know what to do with that. So we'll see.

It appears Levy and Reynolds formed quite a bond filming Free Guy, which could increase Levy's chances at a Deadpool gig. Reynolds had nothing but praise for his director in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, saying that he wants to work on "15 or 20 movies" with Levy by the time he dies:

“We have so much in common. We’re both pretty sentimental. My favorite thing about our relationship is just how utterly easy it is to be around each another. I hope that someday, when my heart stops beating, people can say I shot 15 or 20 movies with Shawn.”


While Levy's response doesn't confirm he's in the running for the Deadpool 3 directing chair, it does seem like he has a pretty good shot. 

Levy already has a fan within the MCU thanks to the close relationship he formed with Reynolds on Free Guy. Given that Reynolds is also a producer on Deadpool 3 it would be easy for the actor to go in and bat for Levy to be the film's director. 

Levy's body of work has consisted of popular family films like Night at the Museum and Real Steel, but he's also been a producer on a huge number of projects including Netflix's Stranger Things.

Deadpool 3 is expected to continue the character's streak of R-Rated films which would be a bit of a departure from Levy's previous work. But given that Levy said he is a massive fan of Deadpool it could just be the right Marvel title that he's been waiting for

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