Daredevil’s Kingpin Actor Shares Heartfelt Thanks to Disney+ Viewers

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Daredevil Disney+ Kingpin

As the old expression goes, what's old is now new again; and that certainly applies to Marvel's former television shows. While the MCU is continuing to bring new content to Disney+ with new shows like Moon Knight, Marvel Television shows like Jessica Jones, Agents of SHIELD, Iron Fist, and Daredevil recently found a new home - and new fans - on Disney's streaming service. 

Since these shows aired on Netflix and ABC before the start of the MCU's Disney+ series, their canonicity has been a hot topic of debate and made all the more interesting by their new categories on the Disney platform, as well as Marvel Studios' to revive and utilize Netflix's Daredevil stars, Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio. 

D'Onofrio, who played Wilson Fisk/Kingpin in the Netflix show, made his MCU debut as the classic villain in Hawkeye on Disney+ in late 2021. Daredevil's own Charlie Cox then cameoed as Peter Parker's lawyer, Matt Murdock, in Spider-Man: No Way Home

While both actors are expected to have more to do in the MCU moving forward, D'Onofrio, who has always been Daredevil's biggest cheerleader, has shared a new, heartfelt message for fans following the show's debut on Disney's streaming service. 

Kingpin's Vincent D'Onofrio Thanks Fans Old and New

Daredevil Disney Plus

Vincent D'Onofrio posted a Tweet thanking Daredevil's new fans who have discovered the series on Disney+, as well as "the original fans" who are still watching, saying, 

"It’s so wonderful to hear and see everyone experiencing Daredevil ⁦@Marvel⁩ on ⁦@disneyplus⁩. There are so many new fans of that series now and the original fans are still watching. Thanks to you all. Truly. I speak for Charlie Cox as well, it was a delight to make."

Daredevil debuted on Netflix in 2015, where it ran for three seasons before it was canceled in 2018. D'Onofrio played the iconic comic book crime lord in 27 of the show's 39 episodes. 

New Home & New Future for D'Onofrio's Kingpin

This isn't the first time the Kingpin actor has helped promote the former Marvel-based series or voiced support for its newfound life. 

When all six Netflix-distributed Marvel shows first made the move to Disney+, D'Onofrio participated in an ad that featured stars from the former shows and which celebrated their new streamer home. 

Before that, the actor was active on social media, teasing fans about his potential return and role in Hawkeye, as well as congratulating Charlie Cox after Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed his reprisal of the character within the MCU. 

While Marvel Studios hasn't confirmed just when and where fans will see Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock in the future, recent evidence suggests the two will reunite in Echo for Disney+. And, no doubt, D'Onofrio will be celebrating that news as well, along with any future plans for his character, as Marvel Studios' plans continue to come to light. 

All episodes of Hawkeye and Daredevil are available to stream on Disney+.

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