Jessica Jones & Agents of SHIELD Stars React to Disney+ Releases

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Jessica Jones, Agents of SHIELD

While Marvel Studios is nearly ready to restart its Phase 4 slate, Disney+ is bringing its own exciting Marvel developments as well. Namely, the streaming service just added past Marvel TV shows such as Agents of SHIELD and all six shows that compromised the Defenders series that first debuted on Netflix. Naturally, this is cause for celebration on multiple levels.

This move places every Marvel show that could possibly connect to the MCU in one location, all while Marvel Studios brings characters from these shows into the core MCU story. How that connectivity plays out in the future is still anybody's guess, but for now, the shows have their own special place on Disney+ alongside their counterparts from more recent entries in Phases 1-4.

With this groundbreaking move, fans and Marvel personnel alike have expressed their excitement to see characters like Phil Coulson, Daredevil, and more after their departure from Netflix. Now, a couple of big stars from these series have taken to social media to share how happy they are to see everything go down.

Marvel TV Stars React to Disney+ Move

Agents of SHIELD, Jessica Jones

After the Marvel TV shows from ABC and Netflix made the jump to Disney+, two stars from these series celebrated the move on their social media accounts.

Agents of SHIELD star Clark Gregg shared an image on Twitter featuring his series in the rotating banner at the top of the web page. The MCU mainstay also added the simple, yet poignant, message "Oh hey…" along with the picture:

Clark Gregg, Twitter

Jessica Jones leading actress Krysten Ritter shared an image of her character from the Netflix show on her Instagram page. She also called herself the newest "Disney princess" and encouraged fans to rewatch the show on its new home:

"Guess who’s a Disney princess now? Go (re)watch Jessica Jones now streaming on her new home, Disney+"

Krysten Ritter, Jessica Jones


Jessica Jones & Agents of SHIELD Home Together

Seeing this kind of reaction from two stars that spent so much time with Marvel TV only adds to how excited fans are to see the shows come to Disney+.

Having spent more than a decade in MCU movies, Clark Gregg then led the way for seven seasons and 136 episodes in Agents of SHIELD. He's always ready to share his thoughts on what Marvel Studios is doing, whether his TV work is part of the canon story or not, and his fan-favorite status remains intact as the MCU continues.

Fans also gravitated toward Krysten Ritter's performance as Jessica Jones, especially with her passion for playing the role still firmly in place. Rumors have even pointed to her possibly suiting up as the Marvel heroine in a future MCU project, which will only lead viewers to focus more closely on the show's canon status.

Gregg and Ritter's reactions are certainly fun for fans to see, and they shouldn't be the last as their shows and others make their mark on Disney+. Their relationship to the rest of the MCU may still be somewhat in a state of flux, but they now all reside in one place for viewing at any time.

Agents of SHIELD, Jessica Jones, and the rest of the Marvel TV shows from ABC and Netflix are all now available to stream on Disney+.

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