Daredevil's Disney+ Reboot Crew Will Be Missing 1 Key Netflix Show Member

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According to a new report, Disney and Marvel Studios refused to meet with the original stuntman for Charlie Cox’s Daredevil.

The action for the beloved Netflix series was easily one of the most lauded aspects of the original show. Of course, none of it would have worked out well if they didn’t have an incredible stunt double for their leading hero.

That person is none other than Chris Brewster, who still hopes to help bring top-notch stunts to wherever the blind vigilante goes.

According to Brewster, the stunt team for the series “created the most epic single-shot hallway fight in history," one which never got the chance to be made. He’d no doubt want to bring that to life if given the opportunity.

Sadly, the odds of that happening don’t look too great.

Daredevil’s Stuntman Not Returning for Born Again

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On Twitter, in response to a tweet asking if he’d be returning for Marvel Studios’ Daredevil: Born Again, Christopher Brewster, the original stunt double for Charlie Cox on the Netflix series, had a saddening response.

Brewster shared that he sadly wouldn’t be returning and that Marvel “wouldn’t even let [him] interview for the job:”

“Thanks, Kristina and WSD crew! I love you all. Unfortunately, Marvel not only hired somebody else; they wouldn’t even let me interview for the job.”

Back when Daredevil was originally canceled, Brewster sent out a touching Instagram post where he called the series one “of the most incredible project[s]” and that he “wasn’t ready to hang up the horns yet:”

“Well, after 4 years of the most incredible project I’ve ever been a part of, they canceled 'Daredevil.' I definitely wasn’t ready to hang up the horns yet, but I am so grateful to #marvel, #netflix, and everybody involved with this show. I have built some incredible lifelong friendships and had some lil amazing experiences that I will never forget.”

When it comes to Charlie Cox’s return to the MCU, the stuntman praised the actor behind Matt Murdock while also making it clear that he thinks the character’s stories “[are] meant to be dark and gritty:”

“There is absolutely no question. Daredevil is meant to be dark and gritty. Charlie is one of the best actors I have ever watched on or off-screen, and I can’t wait to see what he does with this character. However, I truly hope they let Charlie channel the depth and true levels of Matt Murdock.”

Does Daredevil Need New Blood?

While it sounds at first like Marvel Studios actively didn’t want to hire Brewster, there’s always the chance that the company simply hired someone else without much thought about Cox’s original stunt double.

It is a shame that Brewster isn’t coming back—after all, he was undoubtedly a key part of why Daredevil’s stunts looked so great.

Another part of what made the action in the series so great was Philip Silvera, the stunt and fight coordinator for both Daredevil and The Punisher. Perhaps there’s time for Marvel to hire him for the upcoming reboot.

If they don’t, the company could be trying to bring in new talent to have their take on the character feel fresh and original.

In that case, Marvel Studios certainly has astronomical expectations going into the new series—especially when it comes to the action.

Born Again is currently set to hit Disney+ at some point in Spring 2024, with filming set to start in a matter of weeks.

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