First Video of Disney+'s Daredevil: Born Again Fight Training

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Charlie Cox, MMA Fight Training, Daredevil Born Again, MCU

Daredevil actor Charlie Cox is giving his all to MMA fight training in preparation for the much-anticipated Disney+ reboot of his Netflix series, Daredevil: Born Again

Matt Murdock got into plenty of acrobatic action in the MCU throughout his three seasons on Netflix, most famously with the legendary hallway fights. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law even got the chance to acknowledge these famous moments with a hallway set-up that was cut off in hilarious fashion by Jennifer Walters dropping through the roof.

The Man Without Fear will soon have the chance for plenty more fighting when he reclaims first billing for the 18-episode Born Again, in which he will once again go up against his legendary foe: Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin.

Cox recently started preparation to get back in front of the cameras as Daredevil as production on his own streaming outing sets to kick off in February 2023. As part of that process, the British star has begun MMA fight training to gain some real fight experience, and a new video has offered a look at him in action.

Charlie Cox Goes Hard in Daredevil Training

Team KF Martial Arts shared a video on Instagram of Charlie Cox in MMA training as he prepares to start filming Daredevil: Born Again in early 2023.

The British actor can be seen going through plenty of pad work with combinations of punches and kicks, just as his character utilizes on screen.

Charlie Cox, Daredevil, MCU, MMA, Fight Training
Team KF Martial Arts

At one point, the coach even instructs him to go for a "Daredevil," which the captions reveal is what he has "renamed the Superman punch" to in his gym: 

"Charlie cracking some pads from a few weeks ago. Getting serious pop on some of those shots. The left hook to the body is money. I’ve renamed the superman punch the Daredevil in my gym."

Charlie Cox, Daredevil, MCU, MMA, Fight Training
Team KF Martial Arts

The British actor was also pictured during his training with Chris Fields, owner and founder of Team KF Martial Arts, as well as a former fighter himself.

Charlie Cox, Daredevil, MCU, MMA, Fight Training
Marvel Studios

The full video of Cox in Daredevil action can be seen below:

Daredevil Action Gets Crazier for MCU Return

Netflix's Daredevil was already renowned for having some of the best comic book action out there, but Charlie Cox appears determined to turn things up a notch. By putting himself through real MMA fight training, as some MCU stars have done in the past, the actor will be able to better recreate his character's martial arts combat.

Marvel Studios already showed off one way it will be stepping things up with Daredevil's impressive acrobatics in She-Hulk. The original series' showrunner previously explained that "if [he] had had the money" then his interpretation would have also included that, so the higher Disney+ budget is clearly helping. 

The action displayed in Daredevil: Born Again will undoubtedly be different than it had been on Netflix, and that's exactly how it should be. Depending on whether Matt Murdock was a victim of The Blip, this take on the character could be as many as seven years more experienced, so his skills ought to have improved.

Seeing Charlie Cox working insanely hard in preparation for his Disney+ return only makes it clearer just how committed he will be to working for his MCU role going forward. The actor undoubtedly has a bright future ahead in the franchise, and this highly-anticipated Netflix revival is just the beginning of that.

Daredevil: Born Again will premiere on Disney+ in Spring 2024.

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