Netflix Never Got to Air Daredevil's Best Hallway Fight Scene

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Daredevil Netflix Hallway fight

Daredevil might be known for his iconic hallway fights on-screen, but Netflix may not have gotten to utilize that fighting style as much as fans had expected.

Charlie Cox is about to finally make his mark on the MCU, particularly after he appeared in full-costume as the Man Without Fear in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney+. But even for all the exciting action that Matt Murdock will tackle, fans still crave more from Cox and the MCU team in the hallway fight department.

After Daredevil Season 1 on Netflix gave audiences one of the most memorable moments in the hero's on-screen history, She-Hulk took the chance to revisit that impressive legacy. When Matt Murdock popped up in Episode 8, the hero took out a couple of Leap-Frog's goons in a dimly lit hallway (just like in the Netflix series), although it didn't end the way most expected when Jennifer Walters busted through the roof and finished the job.

But now, long after Daredevil's cancelation on Netflix, Cox's stunt double has revealed that his iconic hallway battle may have been just the tip of the iceberg for what the team had planned.

Epic Daredevil Hallway Fight Cut from Netflix Show

Daredevil Season 1 Hallway Action

In an interview with Average Being, Daredevil stunt double Chris Brewster looked back to his time working on the Netflix show's hallway fight.

Brewster revealed that he and the stunt team "created the most epic single-shot hallway fight in history," which would have even topped the numerous one-shot takes that the show already utilized. This included wild camera work and "dynamic character-driven choreography," which he hopes to actually bring to life on screen one day:

"Before they canceled Daredevil, the stunt team and I created the most epic single-shot hallway fight in history. We were ready to absolutely blow the first three 'oners' away with this one. It was going to be an absolutely epic work of art. We designed the most creative texas switches, the most dynamic character-driven choreography, and the most innovative camera work any of us have ever imagined. I still have the blueprints, notes, and references. Hopefully, we get the chance to put it on screen someday."

Brewster also looked at the future of stunt doubles in the movie industry, particularly with his time working on Daredevil material.

He feels that there will always be a need for stunt doubles in the business, noting that fans "will always prefer REAL action" rather than something computer animated. The stunt expert explained that "there can be a beautiful marriage" between action and visual effects, noting that there's "no weight" when something is only using CGI:

"I don’t think stunt doubles will ever not be needed. CGI will always look like a cartoon, and if people want to watch cartoon fights, they’ll watch anime. If they want to see live action, they will always prefer REAL action. When VFX are used to enhance the action, there can be a beautiful marriage between the two. When you fully animate the action, it has no weight, and the audience won’t be invested in what is happening."

Will Daredevil Hallway Fights Return in the MCU?

Of all of the character/moment combos in Marvel history, almost none are more discussed than Daredevil and his hallway scenes. And according to his stunt double, there could be even more of these white-knuckled action sequences if the MCU opens the door for it to happen.

The Netflix show's third episode showed what Marvel could do with one-shots, which haven't been used too much over the MCU's long history. While CGI and VFX are utilized to a much greater effect in these projects than on the Netflix shows, it seems that Brewster wants to see both of those styles of filmmaking mash together to make something great.

As MCU fans wait for Daredevil: Born Again to go into production in early 2023, the hope is that this kind of fight will be seen once again in Charlie Cox's Phase 5 series. And with a current MCU-record 18 episodes to tell his story in Season 1, fans will be watching for this epic hallway fight to grace the screen, especially with Cox now starting off the physical training for his return.

Charlie Cox's return as Daredevil can be seen in Episode 8 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney+, as are all three seasons of Netflix's Daredevil. His solo series, Daredevil: Born Again, will premiere in Spring 2024.

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