Daredevil Star Reveals 1 Big Change for Disney+ Reboot vs. Netflix

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Daredevil, Matt Murdock

Daredevil: Born Again Star Charlie Cox revealed how his upcoming Disney+ series, which could be a reboot of the original Netflix outing, will make one key change.

Many fans hold Cox’s former show in extremely high regard. When talking about the old slate of Marvel series’, fans almost unanimously put Daredevil at the top—with Jessica Jones being the closest behind it.

One aspect of Born Again that might upset fans is how it won’t be “as gory” as the hero's adventures were previously. Though, Cox does maintain that Matt Murdock’s stories are best suited for “a slightly more mature audience.”

While the lack of gore could rub some the wrong way, Cox himself revealed at least one improvement the Disney+ (soft?) reboot will have over the previous iteration.

One Key Change for Daredevil: Born Again

Daredevil in court in She-Hulk

In an interview with GQ Magazine, Daredevil: Born Again star Charlie Cox noted one key change his upcoming Disney+ show will make when compared to its Netflix counterpart.

When asked if he has already settled back into the character of Daredevil, Cox admitted that he hasn’t, but he’s “in the process of preparing for [Born Again production] next year" by "re-reading the [Daredevil] comics from start to finish:"

“No, no. To date, I've only done that cameo in Spider-Man and the one episode in She-Hulk, which was tonally so different from anything I'd done before. So no, I'm now in the process of preparing for next year when we shoot the show: I've re-reading the comics from start to finish, and I'm just starting to try to get back into shape for a role like that.”

The actor then revealed that due to the eighteen-episode season, he thinks “there’ll be a heavy influence of courtroom stuff,” something he feels could be an improvement over Netflix's adaptation:

“I think because of the number of episodes they've committed to, there'll be a heavy influence of courtroom stuff—Matt Murdock, the lawyer in the new show. So I'm heavily focused on researching that area of this character and his life. It was one of the areas we didn't do a huge amount of exploration around before. Even my accent is probably really rusty.”

Cox continued, sharing how he has “recommit[ted] [himself] as if it was a first-time job again,” as he aims to never take the role for granted:

“No, I'm really excited. I'm right in the thick of preparing for next year and getting back into it. I think it's important that I don't just take it for granted that I know that character now and just show up and say the lines, I think you've got to reinvestigate and recommit yourself as if it was a first-time job again and that's how you'll continue to find the nuance and deepen the character to make the show as good as it can be.”

More Matt Murdock To Come

Despite all of the love that Netflix’s Daredevil received, the one complaint voiced the most is how the series didn’t really ever put much focus on Matt Murdock’s life as a lawyer.

Sure, it was there—but only in bits and pieces. The majority of the show revolved around his time being a vigilante. So, all-in-all, this is great news.

Putting more focus on that area of his life will also really help establish the stakes when it comes to juggling his superhero/lawyer dual life. However, don't go thinking this improvement will hurt his time on the streets as Daredevil. With eighteen episodes, it has plenty of time to flesh that out as well.

Not to mention he’ll still have villains to stop—both legally and illegally. One of those potential could be Richard Fisk, who might be played by actor Michael Gandolfini.

Matt will even potentially get some new superhero allies, with rumors going around that the mystical hero White Tiger will be teaming up with him.

Daredevil: Born Again is currently slated to air in Spring 2024.

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