Disney+'s Daredevil Reboot Casting 7 New Characters (Report)

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Disney+'s slate of Marvel Studios-produced series is steadily increasing in quantity, which will only continue to be the case in Phase 5 and Phase 6. Included in that mix is a highly-anticipated new story in Daredevil: Born Again, giving Charlie Cox his first official leading effort in the MCU under Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige.

Cox will also be joined by Vincent D'Onofrio, who takes on yet another terrifying performance as Wilson Fisk after reprising the role in both 2021's Hawkeye and 2023's Echo. But beyond the main hero and villain starring in Born Again, there aren't many indications of who will make their way into the cast alongside the Man Without Fear and the Kingpin of Crime.

Now, as filming prepares to get underway in early 2023, fans have an idea of some of the roles that Marvel Studios is looking to cast for Daredevil's solo return to the MCU.

Disney's Daredevil Casting Multiple New Roles

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According to ScreenGeek and corroborated by Daniel Richtman, Marvel Studios is in the process of casting seven new roles for Daredevil: Born Again, which will stream on Disney+ in Spring 2024.

Richtman noted that Beth Bowling and Kim Miscia will serve as casting directors, with Michael Rios and Bailey Reed assisting in the process. The series was confirmed to shoot in New York City from February to December 2023 as well.

The full character listings can be seen below:

"[ALECK WU] - Male, 40s-60s, Chinese American. Older, dignified. The kind of man you follow into battle. Imposing physcal presence. Accomplished martial artist. The leader of a powerful organization. Athletic/fight experience required, martial arts experience preferred. FRACTIONAL SERIES REGULAR WITH OPTIONS.

[FREYA] - Female, 30s, any ethnicity. Thoughtful, warm, and naturally curious. FRACTIONAL SERIES REGULAR/ONE-SEASON DEAL.

[HARRY] Male, 30s, any ethnicity. Intense and inscrutable. FRACTIONAL SERIES REGULAR WITH OPTIONS.

[JOSY] Female, 20s, Black. Brash, brilliant political blogger. FRACTIONAL SERIES REGULAR WITH OPTIONS.

[CASSANDRA] Female, 40s, Black. A Woman of self-made success. Loyal but can be ruthless if crossed. FRACTIONAL SERIES REGULAR WITH OPTIONS.

[OLIVIA] Female, 40s, South Asian. Confident and knowledgeable with a willingness to speak her mind. FRACTIONAL SERIES REGULAR WITH OPTIONS.

[BAILEY] Female, 30s, any ethnicity. Principled and decisive with a brilliant mind. FRACTIONAL SERIES REGULAR WITH OPTIONS.

What's Daredevil: Born Again Even About?

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Thus far, the only story details that have been teased for Daredevil: Born Again include Wilson Fisk running for the position of New York City Mayor, which was one of his most famous runs in the comics. But with these new characters being cast, there is some optimism that some of Daredevil's other classic storylines from the pages will make their way to the small screen too for Disney+.

The Aleck Wu character could potentially be a new version of Stick, who was played by Scott Glenn in both Daredevil and The Defenders when Cox portrayed the role of Matt Murdock on Netflix. There's also a chance that Marvel Studios is looking to cast a leader for a new version of The Hand, which also held a major presence in the Netflix shows, should the team want to bring a new version of this team into play for Murdock to fight as secondary villains alongside the Kingpin.

But no matter how these roles work out, seeing Marvel begin the casting process for the Daredevil reboot should only begin to ramp up excitement for the red-suited antihero to truly take his place alongside the MCU's biggest names.

Following his appearance in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, he'll take a quick detour into Alaqua Cox's Echo before fans find out what he's up to in the 2024 solo series. But only time will tell who's actually cast in these new roles, what those roles are, and how they'll add to this thrilling new adventure.

Daredevil: Born Again will begin filming in February 2023 and it will debut on Disney+ in Spring 2024.

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