Clarkson's Farm Season 4 Gets Exciting Update: When Will It Release?

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A recent update could hint at when Season 4 of Clarkson's Farm will be released on Amazon Prime Video

The streaming reality series follows TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson (known for his work as the longtime host of automotive TV magazines Top Gear and The Grand Tour) and his family as they care for a 1,000-acre farm in Southwest England. 

Clarkson's Farm first debuted in June 2021, with Seasons 2 and 3 coming to the streamer in 2022 and 2024, respectively. Season 4 has been greenlit, but its exact release date remains unannounced. 

Clarkson's Farm Season 4 Release Teased

Clarkson's Farm Season 3
Clarkson's Farm

Fans were provided an update on when Clarkson's Farm Season 4 could be released. 

According to Deadline, Andy Wilman, producer of the Amazon Prime Video streaming series, is "comfortable" with how the filming of Season 4 is going. 

This is the first real indication that production is going well on the project and could provide the first hint at when Season 4 will be released. 

Filming for Season 3 started in October 2022 (per Televisual) and ended around a year later in October 2023. It premiered in May 2024, roughly seven months later. 

If Season 4 follows a similar production schedule, filming for this next batch of episodes may wrap sometime in February 2025 (after starting in February 2024). 

That would put a potential release date for Season 4 sometime in Summer 2025, about a year after Season 3 debuted on Prime Video. 

While this is the most likely scenario, there is always the chance things could get shuffled around given the show's lengthy production schedule. 

According to an Instagram post from star Jeremy Clarkson, filming was paused days after this Deadline update because of a private helicopter circling the farm. 

While a small hiccup, a series of events like this could seriously affect filming and, thus, the season's release.

Will Clarkson's Farm Season 4 Be the Last?

As fans eagerly await Clarkson's Farm Season 4, questions about a potential Season 5 will almost surely begin to spring up. 

Officially, Season 4 is the only thing on the books regarding more of the series. 

Given the success of Clarkson's Farm and Jeremy Clarkson's fervent fanbase, one can assume Amazon Prime Video will eventually rubberstamp a fifth season. 

However, things might be a little more complicated than that. 

In the same Deadline interview, Clarkson's Farm producer Andy Wilman (who also produced Clarkson's The Grand Tour series for Amazon) said the show's future is uncertain. 

He posited, "I’ve got no feelings on whether there’s a [Season 5] or not," and both he and Clarkson agree they should walk away when they have "got nothing left to say:"

 "I’ve got no feelings on whether there’s a five or not. Jeremy’s the same. He’s like: when we’ve got nothing left to say, let’s walk away."

Clarkson, in his signature curmudgeonly manner, has never been one to jump too quickly into anything. And even more so lately, the British TV presenter has started to sound like he may be close to retirement. 

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Clarkson would be leaving The Grand Tour (Prime Video's spiritual follow-up to the Clarkson era of BBC's Top Gear), and the show would be ending. 

In an interview with The Times of London (via Deadline), Clarkson remarked that he has "done everything you can do with a car," so it was time to sunset the series:

"I’ve driven cars higher than anyone else and further north than anyone else. We’ve done everything you can do with a car. When we had meetings about what to do next, people just threw their arms in the air."

Clarkson, who is 63, has worked in TV for nearly 30 years. So, if he were to be winding down and not pursuing Clarkson's Farm Season 5, one could not blame him. 

Clarkson's Farm Seasons 1-3 are streaming now on Amazon Prime Video. 

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