Will Christmas With the Kranks 2 Release on Netflix? New Movie Rumors Explained

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Christmas With the Kranks Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis

Is Christmas with the Kranks 2 actually releasing on Netflix in 2023? Here's the truth behind the viral rumors.

Netflix's Christmas with the Kranks 2 Rumors Explained

A rumor has gone viral across social media claiming Christmas with the Kranks 2 is on the way with a poster featuring stars Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The poster states the festive sequel will arrive on December 11, 2023, as a Netflix Original, which would place the rumored release just weeks away.

Christmas with the Kranks 2 Poster
Christmas with the Kranks 2

Additionally, an attached synopsis claimed Christmas with the Kranks 2 will take Luther and Nora on a "Hawaiian adventure" with "unexpected escapades:"

"Get ready for a tropical twist in "Christmas With the Kranks 2"! This time, the Kranks trade snow for sand as they embark on a Hawaiian adventure filled with wild hikes and unexpected escapades. Join the fun in the sun as the Kranks redefine holiday traditions in this hilarious sequel!"

As of Friday, November 24, Christmas with the Kranks is ranked #3 within Prime Video's Top 10 most popular projects currently streaming on the service in the U.S.

But is there any truth to these holiday sequel rumors?

Unfortunately, Netflix is not releasing Christmas with the Kranks 2 next month nor is the streamer developing a follow-up to the festive classic at all.

Typically, the streaming service will announce its new movies many months ahead of time, which means if a sequel were to be happening, an announcement would have been made by now and fans would have plenty of official marketing material.

Will Christmas with the Kranks 2 Ever Happen?

As the first movie hailed from Sony, the notion of a sequel coming as a Netflix original isn't too outlandish as the studio has a first-look deal with the streamer for all of its direct-to-streaming movies.

But regardless, as almost 20 years have now passed since Christmas with the Kranks released, the ship has probably sailed for a sequel. Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis have both moved onto other things, especially the latter following her "Best Supporting Actress" Oscar win for Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Christmas with the Kranks was also based on the 2001 novel Skipping Christmas by John Grisham. And as that book never got a sequel, it's unlikely the story would continue in movie form with no source material to adapt.

Christmas with the Kranks is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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