Will Deck the Halls 2 Release In 2023? New Disney+ Movie Rumors Explained

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Deck the Halls poster

Is Danny Devito actually coming back for Deck the Halls 2 on Disney+ in 2023? Here's the truth behind the movie rumors.

Disney+'s Deck the Halls 2 Rumors Explained

Rumors have been swirling across social media claiming Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick are set to reunite for a sequel to Deck the Halls on Disney+, supposedly coming to the streamer in December 2023.

The claims have circulated with a poster featuring more recent shots of DeVito and Broderick on an exotic beach coated in festive decor. 

2006's Deck the Halls featured Broderick's Steve and DeVito's Buddy as a pair of rival neighbors competing to outdo each other's Christmas house decorations.

Fake Deck the Halls 2 Disney+ Movie Poster
Deck the Halls 2

The viral post came with a synopsis claiming Deck the Halls 2 will see DeVito and Broderick "[swap] snow for sand" in the sequel as they "embark on a hilarious beach vacation" over the festive season:

"Get ready for a tidal wave of laughter this December on Disney+ as Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick return in 'Deck the Halls 2'! This time, the dynamic duo swaps snow for sand as they embark on a hilarious beach vacation, bringing sun-soaked chaos and seaside shenanigans to your holiday watchlist. Join the festive frolic as these two comedy legends make a splash in the most unpredictable Christmas sequel of the year!"

There has been no official announcement of Disney developing a sequel to Deck the Halls at all currently, so one will definitely not be released on Disney+ next month. 

These rumors are based on a fan-made or AI-generated poster with an attached fake plot description that has circulated across social media 

But putting the fake rumors aside, will Deck the Halls 2 ever happen at Disney?

Could Deck the Halls 2 Ever Happen?

By all accounts, it doesn't appear there has ever been talk of a sequel to Deck the Halls. The 2006 flick was panned by critics with just a 6% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and audiences didn't respond better with a 30% score.

Not to mention, Deck the Halls was also a financial disaster for Fox, bringing in just $47.2 million at the worldwide box office on a $51 million budget.

Disney does hold the rights to the original Deck the Halls following its acquisition of the studio behind it, 20th Century Fox, and the 2006 Christmas classic can currently be found streaming on Hulu.

While the movie may have now built enough of a cult festive following for Deck the Halls 2 to be somewhat worthwhile, especially as a streaming movie, it seems unlikely Disney would invest in a sequel to such a financial and critical disaster.

Deck the Halls is streaming now on Hulu.

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