Full Cast of Chicago Fire 2024 - Season 12 Main Characters & Actors (Photos)

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Chicago Fire main cast and characters

Several fan favorites like Jesse Spencer's Captain Matthew Casey and original mainstay David Eigenberg's Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann headline the cast of Chicago Fire Season 12. 

NBC's Chicago Fire Season 12 has a lot of questions to answer after a wild Season 11, such as Kelly Severide's highly-anticipated return to Firehouse 51 and Sylvie Brett's long-awaited answer to Matt Casey's proposal. 

Chicago Fire Season 12 premiered on Wednesday, January 17 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. 

Every Main Cast Member of Chicago Fire Season 12 

Taylor Kinney - Lieutenant Kelly Severide

Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide
Taylor Kinney

Taylor Kinney reprises his role as Lieutenant Kelly Severide in Chicago Fire Season 12.

In October 2023, Deadline reported that Kinney is expected to return as Kelly Serveride full-time in Season 12 after taking a personal leave of absence in Season 11. 

Chicago Fire explains Severide's absence by telling viewers that he was assigned to attend an arson investigation program. At the end of Season 10, Severide's wife, Stella Kidd, takes matters into her own hands to find her husband and bring him home. 

Kinney is known for his roles in Zero Dark Thirty, The Other Woman, and The Forest.

David Eigenberg - Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann

David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann
David Eigenberg

Serving as a company officer of Engine 51, Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann (played by David Eigenberg) has seen it all and is ready for more firefighting challenges in Season 12. 

Herrmann had a rough Season 11, considering that he learned the news about his wife's lung cancer diagnosis and also witnessed his colleague and friend, Mouch, being shot by a sniper.

As the lives of the two of the closest to him hang in the balance, Herrmann is expected to give all-out support to them as well as his unit. 

Eigenberg has credits in Sex and the City, Garfield: The Movie, and A Perfect Murder.

Joe Miñoso - Firefighter Joe Cruz

Joe Miñoso as Joe Cruz
Joe Miñoso

Joe Miñoso returns as Firefighter Joe Cruz in Season 12. 

Aside from being a respected firefighter in Squad 3, Cruz has grown from a happy-go-lucky single guy to a family man in Seasons 10 and 11. 

Cruz's life took a big turn in the previous season as he welcomed his newborn son, Otis, while also adopting a child, Javi. 

Miñoso previously appeared in Man of Steel, Boss, Chicago P.D., and Boss.

Christian Stolte - Firefighter Randall “Mouch” McHolland

Christian Stolte as Mouch
Christian Stolte

Firefighter Randall “Mouch” McHolland (played by Christian Stolte) is at the center of one of Chicago Fire Season 12's storylines due to him being shot by a sniper at the end of Season 11. 

While things were not looking good when fans last saw Mouch, the show's return in 2024 is poised to resolve the mystery behind his fate. 

Mouch has been part of the series since the beginning, serving as a firefighter, a union representative, and a trusted driver. 

Stolte has over 50 credits to his name, appearing in The Unseen, Public Enemies, and Law Abiding Citizen

Miranda Rae Mayo - Lieutenant Stella Kidd

Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd
Miranda Rae Mayo

Miranda Rae Mayo's Lieutenant Stella Kid is Kelly Severide's wife who is looking for her husband after he didn't go home once his arson investigation program finished. 

One of the burning questions of Season 12 is whether Kidd will successfully bring Severide home. This is on top of Mouch's life-and-death situation and the emotional fallout that comes along with it. 

Mayo's notable credits include Pretty Little Liars, True Detective, and Blood & Oil.

Daniel Kyri - Firefighter Darren Ritter

Daniel Kyri as Darren Ritter
Daniel Kyri

Daniel Kyri plays a loyal member of Engine 51 at Firehouse 51 as firefighter Darren Ritter. The character is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Kyri is known for his roles in The T, Chicago P.D., and Night's End.

Hanako Greensmith - Paramedic Violet Mikami

Hanako Greensmith  as Violet Mikami
Hanako Greensmith 

Working as a paramedic, Violet Mikami has been a loyal aide to the firefighters of Firehouse 51. Hanako Greensmith portrays the character. 

In the Season 11 finale, Violet's romantic feelings for Carver grow, and it looks like the pair will be a "thing" if the latter reciprocates those feelings in Season 12. 

Greensmith previously appeared in FBI, Bull, and Chicago Med.

Jake Lockett - Firefighter Sam Carver

Jake Lockett as Sam Carver
Jake Lockett

Firefighter Sam Carver is an honorable man willing to do whatever it takes to do what's right. The character is played by Jake Lockett. 

Carver isn't happy that Stella is on her journey of looking for her husband, Severide. Perhaps Carver can move on from her, considering Violet has feelings for him. 

Lockett's notable credits include NCIS: Los Angeles, Fam, and Transpecos.

Eamonn Walker - Deputy District Chief Wallace Boden

Eamonn Walker  as Chief Wallace Boden
Eamonn Walker 

Eamonn Walker returns in Season 12 as Deputy District Chief Wallace Boden.

Boden has been the bonafide leader of Firehouse 51 for the longest time, and some have claimed that 2024 is the year he will potentially retire. 

However, given that Boden is still 61 years old, he is two years away from the required retirement age of 63 based on the ruling from the Firemen's Annuity & Benefit Fund of Chicago. As such, the character is expected to still be the anchor of the strong firemen of the 51st. 

Walker has many impressive roles which include appearances in Unbreakable, Lord of War, and Blood and Bone.

Jesse Spencer - Captain Matthew Casey

Jesse Spencer  as Captain Matthew Casey
Jesse Spencer 

Jesse Spencer brings Captain Matthew Casey to life in Chicago Fire.

Casey is the former fire captain of the Chicago Fire Department who relocated to Portland. Despite his new assignment, Casey works with Firehouse 51 from time to time, most recently during their pursuit of the sniper who shot Mouch in the Season 11 finale. 

Casey is romantically involved with Sylvie Brett. 

Spencer is known for his roles in House, Uptown Girls, and Neighbours.

Kara Killmer - Paramedic in Charge Sylvie Brett

Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett
Kara Killmer

Sylvie Brett (played by Kara Killmer) is a competitive paramedic who goes on a journey of self-discovery in Season 11 after deciding to adopt a son. 

In November 2023, Variety shared that Killmer is set to depart the show after Season 12. The actress appeared in 193 series episodes after making her debut in Season 3 in 2014. 

At the end of Season 11, Casey proposed to Brett, but the answer has yet to be revealed. The news of her departure means that Brett will likely accept Casey's wedding proposal, leading to their happily ever after. 

Killmer had recurring roles in Chicago P.D., Special Skills, and Beyond the Mask.

Alberto Rosende - Firefighter Blake Gallo

Alberto Rosende as Firefighter Blake Gallo
Alberto Rosende

Alberto Rosende plays firefighter Blake Gallo, another character set to leave the show in Season 12. 

Gallo has grown from a citizen willing to help to a full-fledged firefighter. It's quite unfortunate that his departure will be soon, especially after Lieutenant Stella Kid promoted him to the main squad in Season 11. 

In an emotional Instagram post in December 2023, via One Chicago, Gallo admitted that he was the one who decided to end his time on the show, noting "it wasn't easy:"

“When I decided to end my time with Chicago, it wasn’t easy. The people I’ve met were truly special, the friendships I’ve made will last a lifetime, and the story I got to tell was one that made me proud.”

Rosende is known for his roles in Shadowhunters, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Story Game.

Randy Flagler - Firefighter Harold Capp

Randy Flagler as Harold Capp
Randy Flagler

Firefighter Harold Capp (played by Randy Flagler) is a recurring character in Rescue Squad 3. 

Flagler has credits in The Double, Men of Honor, and Raisin' Junior.

Anthony Ferraris - Firefighter Tony Ferraris

Anthony Ferraris as Tony Ferraris
Anthony Ferraris

Tony Ferraris is both a firefighter and an engineer who works alongside Harold Capp in Rescue Squad 3. The character is played by real-life fireman Anthony Ferraris.

Chicago Fire is Ferraris' first major acting credit. He also appeared in episodes of Chicago Med and Chicago P.D

Rome Flynn - Jake Gibson

Rome Flynn as Jake Gibson
Rome Flynn

Rome Flynn is part of the cast of Season 12 as Jake Gibson. 

Gibson is a newcomer in the Chicago Fire series and an amateur boxer the squad notices after doing a good deed in public. 

Flynn previously appeared in How to Get Away with Murder, With Love, and Raising Dion.

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Chicago Fire Season 12 airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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