Disney Announces New Chadwick Boseman Tribute Attached To Black Panther's Disney+ Stream

By Richard Nebens Updated:
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On top of what has been a miserable year due to the worldwide pandemic and seemingly never ending movie delays, the Marvel fandom has grieved the loss of Black Panther leading man Chadwick Boseman’s untimely passing. Making his name as the first African American starring actor in the franchise, Boseman helped lead his solo movie to higher peaks than ever expected and added new levels of excitement with his supporting appearances in the MCU.

While the future of the Black Panther franchise is still in a state of flux, fans have spent most of the last three months paying tribute to the fallen on-screen king of Wakanda any way they can. More news has just come on this front, although details are still somewhat in the dark...


Walt Disney executive Bob Iger announced on his Twitter account that Disney+ will be adding a special tribute to Chadwick Boseman to Black Panther later tonight. This comes in anticipation of what would have been his 44th birthday tomorrow, November 29th.

The full tweet can be seen below, although no specific details were shared:


Iger gave no indication as to what will be included in this new tribute to Chadwick Boseman, but it will undoubtedly have fans’ minds running wild until its release on what would have been his birthday. Boseman's tragic cancer battle has been one of the most notable news stories in the entertainment space this year considering Boseman's global popularity and the effect his passing had on his colleagues and fans .

Black Panther has found a new breath of life in the wake of this tragedy after its original release nearly three years ago, allowing fans to take in every moment of Boseman’s only solo movie in the MCU. Scoring six Oscar nominations and three wins, the MCU’s 18th entry turned into a cultural phenomenon as the highest grossing solo movie in the franchise to date.

It will be exciting to find out more details of what this newest tribute holds , and the world will undoubtedly be waiting with bated breath to learn more. Chadwick Boseman is also rumored to have recorded his line for 2021’s What If...? on Disney+ , which will seemingly be his final MCU performance of his storied career.

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